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It’s really awesome seeing what people can do with intestines! HA!

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13 Apr 2014



The amount of precision some one needs for this is hard to believe. I, myself, have horrible grammar, so this literally impossible for me. Even if I were to take an artist approach, and try to draw the letters, as opposed to writing, I still don’t think i could do this.

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13 Apr 2014





I thinks its cool how some one can turn just about anything, say a pile of bones, into words.

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12 Apr 2014

The touch


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12 Apr 2014

Type you can hold!



Type for me always seem to be a media that only had texture with in the context of a print on paper, or a a computer screen, but this takes it to a whole new level!

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12 Apr 2014

Summer streets



This speaks on a two levels, one being the clearly visual letters, the other being this preexisting notion of with the woods mean, that is, if you didn’t know the English language, you can sill understand the meaning.

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12 Apr 2014



Deviant art! Man. They turn out some stunning and visual pieces, and I have no words, other then “stunning” for this quality picture.

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12 Apr 2014




I love these kinds of pictures, I really want to make something like it for a T-shit design!

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12 Apr 2014

Must see video



This is literately the best typographic I candy!, Don’t take my word for it! Go ahead! Have a look!


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12 Apr 2014




calligraphy never ceases to amaze me. you can easily do something like this in a vector program, but to know that a person can draw such crisps lines, with with a media that is less then forgiving, there must be years of practice behind this photo!

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12 Apr 2014