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Project 3

project 3 part a

project 3 part b

project 3 part c

I think project three for me was a fun project, tedious, but fun. I taught me a lot about how we see letters and how we interact with language. In a critique stand point, I feel I think I did very well. part a for me was A little disappointing know that I didn’t cheat my way out of and yet my work was poorly done. I feel as though I did the best I could do. For part b, I feel I didn’t a good job. I was able to finally let my creativity come out as opposed to the other assignments. I am very happy with the end product, part c, because I feel it was very successful in working with the system of letters( a believable letter) and in system with in the font.(Didot’s font style)

Posted by Azam Khan on April 24, 2014

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