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Nov 30 / Audrey Johnson

Detroit Arts Spaces: 3 you should know about

Happy last day of November! With about two weeks left of classes and finals, winter break is nearing… Until then, good luck to all on the remainder of the semester!

I thought I’d talk about a few art spaces in Detroit that are important to me. I think every CFPCA student has their own Detroit art “spots”, whether that is a favorite gallery, performance venue, studio, etc. Here are some of mine that I think you should check out too!

Spread Art. Located off Rosa Parks Blvd. just north of Warren Ave, Spread Art is an artist run “creative incubator” that frequently presents a multitude of performances, including music, dance, art, and often an experimental combination of these disciplines and more. Spread Art also has a residency program that supports local and national artists for various lengths of time. The work I see at Spread Art is always engaging and real, and the community of artists that the space brings together is an incredibly supportive and loving group of people. I have had the chance to be a part of a few shows and the performative intimacy and support here is like no other space I have performed at. I highly recommend checking out a performance here! Spread Art frequently posts through their facebook upcoming events.

Light Box.  An artist run space led by Stefanie Cohen and Corey Gearhart (of performance collaborative Upended Teacups), Light Box was once a bank, then baptist church, and now hosts artists in creative processes, classes/workshops, artist residencies, and more. Light Box is  “dedicated to providing opportunities for artists to share from their process through performances, discussions, classes, skill-shares and social forum.” This space feels very special to rehearse in (I rehearse here for Harge Dance Stories) and I definitely recommend coming to a program at Light Box.

Carr Center. The Carr Center is a uniquely beautiful and  historic arts space, in downtown Detroit. According to the website, Carr Center is dedicated to the “preservation, presentation, promotion, and development of the African and African-American cultural arts traditions within our  multicultural community.” There is an art gallery with changing exhibits of visual artists, frequent music performances, and theatre and dance performances throughout the year as well.

These are just 3 of my favorite spaces in the city that are dedicated to artists, feel free to add some your own favorites to the comments!

Have a wonderful rest of the year ~