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Oct 17 / Audrey Johnson

It’s gonna go how it goes..

hey all.

the semester is moving along, and we are hitting the half way mark. I’m currently thinking about a lot of ideas on being present, and at this point in time for me and for others (midway through the semester, nearing graduation, a monday, middle of the day, october, etc) I think it’s a good time to remind yourself to be right where you are. to try to be IN whatever you are in, and question and challenge your tendency to get caught up in the future or the past.

some of my thoughts on being present amidst whatever you have going on:

“it’s gonna go how it goes” this is actually something I heard in a Grey’s Anatomy episode and I have thought about it frequently whenever I am stressing about an outcome, or whether things will work out. reminding yourself that regardless of how much you do or don’t want to control an outcome, something will happen. accepting what is and letting go of your tight grip on /control/ is something to help you breathe with life, instead of breathing against it.

finding pleasure in effort. this is actually a thought from Gaga technique, a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin. but I think it applies to a lot of things. while things can be difficult, school is hard work, working and busy schedules is a lot of effort, we can find pleasure in the work we do. find pleasure in the sweat, learn from your tiredness or fatigue, and find some joy in any situation.

don’t forget about your connection with the ground, the earth. life can sometimes bring our energy up, distract you from your center. the “go go go” mentality of our culture makes us feel like moving is always a constant. remember that you can be still. take time to remind yourself of gravity, a stable force keeping you right here where you are.

acceptance acceptance acceptance acceptance acceptance. accept yourself, your being, what is out of your control, things that go well, things that don’t go well. let go of your attachment to control and accept what the world has to give you and through this perspective, see what you can give back.

happy monday, happy fall, happy living, happy day —




  1. Audrey Johnson / Oct 20 2016

    Thank you ❤️

  2. Kelly / Oct 20 2016

    Audrey, I so love your perspective on life. I am always learning from you –

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