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Aug 21 / Audrey Johnson

aaaaaand we’re back….

Regardless of if we want it to or not, our Fall 2015 semester at Wayne State is approaching. But this can be an exciting thing! Especially in the CFPCA, the new school year brings an unlimited array of possibilities to embark on. New projects, new art things to create, new and old friends, new experiences, the list goes on.

The biggest thing on my mind regarding the new school year is taking all I have gained from my summer and applying those experiences as I move forward. This summer I did a lot of typical “summer things” such as working, hanging out with friends…the usual. But I was also so incredibly fortunate to attend Bates Dance Festival in Maine for three weeks and then a week long Gaga summer intensive in Brooklyn, NY. (this gaga, not Lady Gaga) At these programs I was surrounded by what I love, dance, and was challenged to move, create, and think in unfamiliar ways. I took classes in modern dance techniques unlike methods I have studied before and met so many interesting and inspiring dance peers from around the country. Reflecting on these experiences, I am beyond excited to apply all I have learned to this school year and really push myself to do new things and work on my craft with new enthusiasm. I am excited to dive into this school year.

Thus, my only “back to school” advice would be to dive in. Take what you have gained from your past experiences, be it this summer or whenever, and apply such new perspectives to the work you do this year. Dare yourself to create, think, explore, write, experience, more.

And don’t forget to take moments to just breathe along the way. Here’s to a great year!

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  1. Ali / Aug 31 2015

    What a fantastic opportunity! I’m looking forward to attending dance performances this year!

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