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New Year, New Resolutions?

Happy New Year and happy 2018! In the beginning of January everyone makes new years resolutions. The real question we have to ask ourselves is are these actually new or are they the same resolutions we make year after year? I see it all over campus. People make a new years resolution to stop being late to class, to not procrastinate, to eat healthier, and the most famous one, to work out more. I knew there was a reason the gym has been packed this month. I propose that this years new years resolution is to keep our new years resolutions. Now that’s a challenge! I think that it is do-able. My new years resolution is to procrastinate less. Now with my school work I’m doing great with it! I’m getting homework assignments done days in advance, starting projects that aren’t due for a long time in my free time, and it’s great. As you can see by this post I am still struggling a little bit with the non-academic procrastination. That would be why I am writing the January blog on January 31st; however, since I am seeing improvement, I have faith that I can kick all procrastination out of my life by the end of this year. So whatever your new years resolution was for this year, add on the resolution of keeping that resolution. On another note, February starts tomorrow which means, not only keep those resolutions, but keep an eye out for upcoming events. On Saturday, February 10th at 2pm and 6pm To Sangana will be having their concert on the third floor of old main in the Allesee Dance Theatre. For more information and to purchase tickets visit It will be an amazing experience that I encourage you to go to and I hope to see you there! So remember to keep those new years resolutions and I will see you at the performance!

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31 Jan 2018

Noel Night

If you do not already know I am a Dance Major pursing my Bachelor of Science in Dance with a minor in Design, concentrated on graphic design. As a dance major I am currently a dancer in Company One, which is a departmental dance company. We had our company show on noel night at 6pm and 8pm. After the 8pm performance we were informed about the events that had occurred during Noel Night in Midtown. I got text messages from friends and family checking to make sure I was okay as well, and we were all safe. As this was a frightening event it did not impact our performance. The show had a theme of, “What Makes Us Human?”. This show encompassed the negatives and positives of being a human being. Our company director came into our dressing room after the show and told us how emotional she was, because as something terrible happened we were promoting community, the beauty we are capable of creating as humans, and making the audience think about what it truly means to be human. Even though as a dancer I have performed this concert multiple times throughout countless rehearsals this concert I felt as if our message was truly heard. If you missed out on this artist message and creation it will be premiering again at the Bonstelle Theatre on Woodward, Friday March 2nd at 10am. What happened during Noel Night was very upsetting, but I am glad that a lot of people are safe, and that as humans we can look past these negative events and continue to grow as a community.

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6 Dec 2017

Fighting to Stay Awake

Near the end of the semester with all term papers due and finals coming up we are all up late at night studying and doing homework. So the main question is how do you stay awake and stay attentive in class? The typical college student answer would be lots of coffee, which does help, but I am here to tell you another way. You may not think of it this way, but being tired can benefit you. Since you are so tired you are not able to focus on everything being told to you. So use the energy that you have to channel in on the important details that are being told to you. I have found that when the main ideas and details are in place in your brain, the rest of the information is easier to understand and flow better. Now as I mentioned earlier, coffee is a college student’s go to when the all nighter hits you. The other stereotype college students follow is being broke. So don’t go to Starbucks to get an expensive coffee. Go to Mad Anthony’s convenience store on the first floor of the Student Center. They have different flavors of coffee, cappuccinos, iced coffee, and Starbucks refrigerated drinks. Keep an eye out as well for their monthly deals they have, one is any size coffee for 99 cents. This is my main place I go to get my coffee. Even though I have presented you with ways to utilize and face the no-sleep agenda it is still important to your health to try and get some sleep. So remember to time manage, don’t procrastinate, and leave time to take care of yourself as well! Thanks for checking in!

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6 Dec 2017

Creating Wayne Working Against Childhood Cancer

Throughout a students life they meet numerous amounts of people that they become deeply connected with. My freshman year at Wayne State University I met two of my best friends Jessica Bedard and Cassie Vandenberg. As you become closer with friends you learn more about each others lives. My good friend Cassie Vandenberg had stage four Wilm’s Tumor Kidney cancer when she was eight years old. Cassie is now 11 years cancer free! Cassie’s mom is the executive director of the non-profit organization, Kids Without Cancer. Kids Without Cancer is a volunteer based organization and 97% of their money raised goes to research. Cassie has attended several events and meetings with her mom, and later she invited me and Jessica along to attend. When Jessica and Cassie were at a Kids Without Cancer meeting they mentioned starting a student organization at Wayne State University to help bring awareness. Kids Without Cancer was highly supportive of this, especially since they are currently conducting research at Wayne State University. The head of the anatomy department at Wayne State University, Dr. Thummel, the head of oncology at Children’s Hospital in Detroit, Dr. Taub, and researcher Traci, are testing zebra fish to see what environmental triggers cause pre-leukemia cells, because leukemia is the number one disease killer in children. This research at Wayne State University on zebra fish is being done because they have similar circulatory systems as humans. Kids Without Cancer donated $356,000 to pay for the laboratory in the new Biology on Wayne State’s campus where the research is done. Since 1981 Kids Without Cancer has raised and donated over $4.5 million to research. After discussing it with the board members of Kids Without Cancer, Jessica, Cassie and I sat down and created Wayne Working Against Childhood Cancer. Cassie is the President of this organization, Jessica is the co-President, and I am the Vice President. Our goal for this student organization is to raise money in collaboration with students at Wayne State University to donate to Kids Without Cancer. We also hope that Wayne Working Against Childhood Cancer will bring awareness to the Wayne State University community about childhood cancer. We will continue to attend Kids Without Cancer meetings and work closely with them. Cassie and I were very fortunate to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the lab this summer, that the research on zebra fish will be done at. Cassie and I were able to go down to the lab and see the zebra fish while the researchers explained more to us. If anyone is interested in joining our student organization or donating you can contact me at You can also like our Facebook pag,e Wayne Working Against Childhood Cancer. Michigan State and University of Michigan have student organizations connecting with Kids Without Cancer as well. I can not wait to see the impact we will make and hope to spread this idea to other universities as well. We are students making a difference and together we can work against childhood cancer!

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24 Oct 2017

Hello world!

Welcome to Wayne State University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

23 Oct 2017