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Jul 23 / Laura Woodward

Updates to Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

Student Evaluation of Teaching

It’s been a busy year and a lot of great changes have happened. Here’s your chance to catch up, in case you’ve been distracted by grading papers or making fabulous research discoveries.

  • We adapted the SET instrument.
  • Faculty and administrators, we put your standard reports online in Academica and upgraded their accessibility and security. We also provided a new longitudinal report for your documentation purposes.
  •  Faculty, it is now your option to evaluate your class online or traditionally unless your department/college directs you otherwise. Online is a good fit for classes with 25 or more students where administering the paper instrument can take up a lot of class time.
  • Students now have access to SET reports for advising purposes. It is encouraging them to take SET more seriously.

Thanks to the 2N SET Committee for their hard work and guidance. 

Now you’re all caught up!

Any questions? Just email or visit our website.

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