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May 28 / Laura Woodward

Assessment Resources for Faculty and Administrators

The following resources are available to faculty and administrators to help in assessing their programs.


  • NSSE helps us understand the quality of a student’s academic experience.
  • CIRP helps us understand where a student is coming from as a first year student.
  • Both of these have pretty good response rates and are professionally administered.

GEOC Survey

  • My office administers a survey to students to ascertain whether students think that certain learning outcomes were met by the course they took.
  • This data is available on a course (but not instructor) level.
  • It is administered online and has a 17% response rate.

Campus Labs/Baseline

Online surveys are a snap with the help of Campus Labs. To request a login, please email

You can login using your Wayne State University username at

  • Click here for information on how to get started with a new assessment project.
  • You can also view your survey administration options.
  • If others will be helping you with an assessment project, please click hereto learn how to request access for others.

For technical questions and assessment resources, please visit the new Baseline Support Site: 

  1. Go to our Baseline support site
  2. Click on the Sign Up button in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your name and email address. Please note that you will need to use your institutional email address to create your account.

Once you have logged into Baseline you can find a recording of the Introduction to Baseline webinar. You can also sign up for a training webinar at

Please feel free to contact  716-270-0000 ext 7584 or email if you have any questions!

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