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Dec 15 / Laura Woodward

Why Not Use Blackboard For Course Evaluation?





Dear Course Evaluation Office,

Why is this not all done by Blackboard, instead of in class using a pen and paper. Turn around time would be weeks.While students may not we willing to do the set scores online, incentives like ending class early one day to go to a computer terminal, offering extra credit, may help motivate students.



My Answer

Thanks for your question.I agree with you that Blackboard is a great platform for evaluating teaching. We have been talking with C&IT about this resource. Unfortunately at this time, the system does not work in every situation. For example, classes which are team taught cannot be evaluated separately for the different professors responsible for the class.

We are continuing to investigate this option, and it may be that an update to the Blackboard program will eventually make that possible.

We just use a non-Blackboard platform for distribution of online SET. If you prefer to use online SET, you may. It is up to the instructor. Information about this option is posted at this website.

Unfortunately, we do not get a great response rate from online SET so I recommend that you use paper if possible. Our processing system of paper SET is described at this website.

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