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Nov 28 / Laura Woodward

Clickers That Students (and You)

Baseline has a new learning outcome measurement instrument available to faculty and administrators. In addition to utilizing Baseline surveys to measure your learning outcomes, you can create easy classroom assessments which students can access without needing to buy clickers. Instead, they can use a computer, i-phone, or digital device to access the assessment during your class. 

Clickers can give you great formative information

The assessments are designed to be formative, giving you immediate feedback about whether your students are understanding fundamental parts of your lecture. You can access results during the lecture if you use a digital projector, for an easy way to increase participation of the students. Looking at the results, you know immediately whether students understood a critical point, or would benefit from learning more about it.

You can save your results so that you can document improvement in student learning outcomes over the semester. All of your records are kept confidential. However, you can export your results to share them with assessment colleagues in your department, as evidence of learning outcome measurement. 



Email to request access.

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