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Jul 6 / Laura Woodward

Save time with Baseline

BaselineMany of you are already users of Baseline. You know how easy it is to simply upload your survey in a simple word document, leaving the editing and programming to an assessment expert who can help you tweak it to make it as effective as it can be.

Many of you are also familiar with the approach of using rubrics to simplify your assessment efforts, particularly when you are assessing a learning goal across a department. A new feature has been added to Baseline to help those of you utilizing rubrics to simplify and share the workload of assessing student work to see if it meets the objectives that you select.

To learn more about how to use this new feature, please visit the campus labs website.  It has directions for newbies on how to develop a rubric and a video on how to enter these into Baseline and use them to evaluate learning in your department.

If you are interested in getting access to Baseline, talk with your supervisor, and then contact me to add you to the list of users.


Nov 16 / Laura Woodward

Updates from Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) for Faculty

  • Because of your feedback and recent enhancements, we have updated our directions to retrieve your SET reports online.
  • The new, Longitudinal Report is now available. It goes back up to seven years and is useful for departmental decision-making.
  • Priority Scanning is now available to departments who need fall SET results by March 1. Please contact your chair to see if your department is following this new schedule.
  • We are piloting a new Online SET app. If you would like to be a beta-tester during the Spring/Summer 2016 semester, please click to email us here.

Please contact us with questions or concerns at or (313)577-3400.

Jul 23 / Laura Woodward

Updates to Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

Student Evaluation of Teaching

It’s been a busy year and a lot of great changes have happened. Here’s your chance to catch up, in case you’ve been distracted by grading papers or making fabulous research discoveries.

  • We adapted the SET instrument.
  • Faculty and administrators, we put your standard reports online in Academica and upgraded their accessibility and security. We also provided a new longitudinal report for your documentation purposes.
  •  Faculty, it is now your option to evaluate your class online or traditionally unless your department/college directs you otherwise. Online is a good fit for classes with 25 or more students where administering the paper instrument can take up a lot of class time.
  • Students now have access to SET reports for advising purposes. It is encouraging them to take SET more seriously.

Thanks to the 2N SET Committee for their hard work and guidance. 

Now you’re all caught up!

Any questions? Just email or visit our website.

May 28 / Laura Woodward

Assessment Resources for Faculty and Administrators

The following resources are available to faculty and administrators to help in assessing their programs.


  • NSSE helps us understand the quality of a student’s academic experience.
  • CIRP helps us understand where a student is coming from as a first year student.
  • Both of these have pretty good response rates and are professionally administered.

GEOC Survey

  • My office administers a survey to students to ascertain whether students think that certain learning outcomes were met by the course they took.
  • This data is available on a course (but not instructor) level.
  • It is administered online and has a 17% response rate.

Campus Labs/Baseline

Online surveys are a snap with the help of Campus Labs. To request a login, please email

You can login using your Wayne State University username at

  • Click here for information on how to get started with a new assessment project.
  • You can also view your survey administration options.
  • If others will be helping you with an assessment project, please click hereto learn how to request access for others.

For technical questions and assessment resources, please visit the new Baseline Support Site: 

  1. Go to our Baseline support site
  2. Click on the Sign Up button in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your name and email address. Please note that you will need to use your institutional email address to create your account.

Once you have logged into Baseline you can find a recording of the Introduction to Baseline webinar. You can also sign up for a training webinar at

Please feel free to contact  716-270-0000 ext 7584 or email if you have any questions!

Dec 15 / Laura Woodward

Can We Require SET Participation?

Dear Course Evaluation Office,

Can we require students to complete their teaching evaluations online before they can access their final grades to improve response rates?Thanks,
A Faculty Member

My Answer

Dear Professor,

Thanks for your question. Withholding, or allowing early access to view grades, is something we have talked about quite a bit in the 2N SET Committee, and it is a good idea with proven increased participation rates.

Unfortunately, the current SET policy indicates that student participation should be anonymous. Withholding grades would require us to know which students have participated in SET, and share that information with the Registrar.

The 2N committee continues to discuss this idea.

Dec 15 / Laura Woodward

Why Not Use Blackboard For Course Evaluation?





Dear Course Evaluation Office,

Why is this not all done by Blackboard, instead of in class using a pen and paper. Turn around time would be weeks.While students may not we willing to do the set scores online, incentives like ending class early one day to go to a computer terminal, offering extra credit, may help motivate students.



My Answer

Thanks for your question.I agree with you that Blackboard is a great platform for evaluating teaching. We have been talking with C&IT about this resource. Unfortunately at this time, the system does not work in every situation. For example, classes which are team taught cannot be evaluated separately for the different professors responsible for the class.

We are continuing to investigate this option, and it may be that an update to the Blackboard program will eventually make that possible.

We just use a non-Blackboard platform for distribution of online SET. If you prefer to use online SET, you may. It is up to the instructor. Information about this option is posted at this website.

Unfortunately, we do not get a great response rate from online SET so I recommend that you use paper if possible. Our processing system of paper SET is described at this website.

Dec 15 / Laura Woodward

Getting Personalized Feedback For My Class

Be a SET PowerUser!

Question About SET

Nov 28 / Laura Woodward

Clickers That Students (and You)

Baseline has a new learning outcome measurement instrument available to faculty and administrators. In addition to utilizing Baseline surveys to measure your learning outcomes, you can create easy classroom assessments which students can access without needing to buy clickers. Instead, they can use a computer, i-phone, or digital device to access the assessment during your class. 

Clickers can give you great formative information

The assessments are designed to be formative, giving you immediate feedback about whether your students are understanding fundamental parts of your lecture. You can access results during the lecture if you use a digital projector, for an easy way to increase participation of the students. Looking at the results, you know immediately whether students understood a critical point, or would benefit from learning more about it.

You can save your results so that you can document improvement in student learning outcomes over the semester. All of your records are kept confidential. However, you can export your results to share them with assessment colleagues in your department, as evidence of learning outcome measurement. 



Email to request access.

Nov 28 / Laura Woodward

Confidentiality and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

Letter From A Student
Dear Dr. Woodward,

I am curious how confidential the online teachers’ evaluations are kept.

I have taken many online courses at Wayne State, but fear that the instructors would be able to know what every student has put in their evaluations.


A Student

Answer From The Director
Dear Student,

Online evaluation of teaching at Wayne is very secure and confidential. In addition, online evaluations can be more confidential because faculty members cannot recognize your handwriting.

For online evaluation of teaching, we use special codes to temporarily verify that a student is actually taking the class they are evaluating and is not double-voting. However, once we verify that the data we collected was accurate, we delete the code.

None of the reports which we provide to the instructors provide information about who actually made the comment. Hypothetically, if a faculty member hacked our servers to look at our databases, there would be no information identifying a student that it would be possible to find.

Thanks for your question.


Laura Woodward


Learn More About SET

More Questions

Nov 28 / Laura Woodward

Streamline Learning Outcome Measurement

One easy way to measure whether you are meeting a learning objective is to put questions about that objective on your final. The Scoring Office is happy to help you create a subscore when processing your machine-scorable exam, which captures student comprehension of that learning objective. For more information, contact Jeff or Andy at 7-3400 or email