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Accidental Mysteries

Here’s a really cool post I found on the Design Observer site. It talks about this German Book from the 17th Century that basically is just a compilation of different calligraphy styles applied to the alphabet. What’s truly amazing is that each page gets more and more ornate. The time it took to make these is probably ridiculous, and I definitely don’t have a steady enough hand to do something like this so I definitely respect and admire it! Take a look.



I think it gets to a certain point where some of these are borderline-beyond-legible, but amazing to look at nonetheless!

7 Mar 2013

Reading 1 Notes

Thinking With Type p. 12-21

– Uppercase & lowercase letters were called so because of the location in the drawers in old print shop (uppercase were in a drawer above the lowercase). Also, from the diagram, lowercase letters seem to have more negative space around them than uppercase.

-“Words originated as gestures of the body” “The first typefaces were modeled on the forms of calligraphy”

– Typefaces are designed for infinitive repitition. Movable type was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century; printing allowed for mass production. Italics also introduced around this time (supposed to be more casual)

*Ligatures = characters that combine two or more letters into a single form

-Nicolas Jenson produced among the first roman typefaces

-Geofroy Tory said letters should reflect the ideal human body – very interesting!



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6 Sep 2012