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Accidental Mysteries

Here’s a really cool post I found on the Design Observer site. It talks about this German Book from the 17th Century that basically is just a compilation of different calligraphy styles applied to the alphabet. What’s truly amazing is that each page gets more and more ornate. The time it took to make these is probably ridiculous, and I definitely don’t have a steady enough hand to do something like this so I definitely respect and admire it! Take a look.



I think it gets to a certain point where some of these are borderline-beyond-legible, but amazing to look at nonetheless!

7 Mar 2013

New vs Old


I stumbled upon an article on Eye that talks about Monotype’s typographical adviser, Stanley Morison, who published an article about newspaper design (that I didn’t get to fully read yet).

The quote next to this picture states “This cover photograph, probably conceived by Beatrice Warde, is the likely cause of the misconception that there was a typeface called ‘Times Old Roman’ prior to October 1932. Before that year’s redesign The Times had used a version of Monotype Modern, which was adapted from a typeface created by the Edinburgh foundry Miller & Richards.”

I think it’s just a cool looking poster and comes up with the idea of an ‘Times Old Roman’, even thought it never existed, yet you can clearly see the difference between the two typefaces.


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7 Mar 2013

Marian Bantjes


So I’ve discovered the astonishing work of Marian Bantjes, a canadian designer, and I am impressed to say the least. Not only is this cover to her book completely mind blowing, but the previews I’ve seen of all of the pages inside are even more impecable (pictures below). But to keep this related to Typography, the cover of this book is truly a work of art. At first glance, the intricate gold and silver design easily looks like it might swallow up the text, but the text stands on it’s own and is clear to see. Also, with the font being Silver and the rest of the design being Gold with tiny specs of silver, they balance each other out. I really enjoy that this typeface (I assume) was created just for this book and therefore hand-drawn (it is very clean and crisp but lacks the strict, uniform, mechanical aspect that most typefaces have nowadays – I like that it’s different! That makes it more unique to me). I do feel that the Design on the cover is the first thing in the hierarchy of this piece, but like I said that both work very well to it and kind of have this story-book feel to it (with the type having a sort of handwriting quality and the use of strictly gold and silver makes it very fantasy-like). I feel that works like this should be more respected in the art world, since nowadays the minimalist style is very popular (keep it stupid simple, keep it simple stupid), but works like this pay attention to the most minute details and I think that most people tend to overlook it. Another thing I was going to mention about the Type of this piece is that the serifs and legs extend and wrap around the design on the rest of the cover, which also unifies these two together. I guess if I stare at this a little longer I can come up with something deeper but I’m still in awe 😛 I really want to purchase this book now because I feel that it will inspire me a lot now as a growing designer, and in the future once I have a career!


(pictures from other pages in the book)


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31 Oct 2012

Piet Zwart

“Every era contains the conditions for providing a rebel”

– born in the Netherlands

– got into Graphic Design in 1919

– worked with the oblique (angles), very big on collages

– experimented with small and large letters, geometric shapes, visual puns & representations


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25 Sep 2012

Alexander Rodchenko

-painter, sculptor, photographer, graphic designer

– born in Russia

– works with a lot of geometric shapes – thick text, bright colors, unique compositions

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25 Sep 2012

El Lissitzky

-graphic designer, photographer, typographer, architect, instructor, & painter

– couldn’t go to Art School because he was Jewish- started in Architecture

– Russian constructivism

– painting style ‘Proun’ that had 3-dimensional depth.

– designed a lot of book covers

– most of his work influenced by Architecture.


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25 Sep 2012

Herbert Bayer

– designed an environmental sculpture (Earthworks in Kent Washington)

– product of the Bauhaus

– created a universal type that reduced the alphabet to clear and simple constructed forms.

— inspired creation of Architype Bayer and ITC Bauhaus

– dynamic compositions with strong horizontals and verticals

– argued that capitals and lowercase are incompatible in design

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25 Sep 2012

Jan Tschichold Notes

-Typographer, book designer, teacher, writer.

– Was accused of being a communist and was arrested by Nazi Germany in 1933

– Modernist design principles

– Most famous for his Fonts – especially Sabon developed in 1967.

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25 Sep 2012