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Modular Typefaces

This is a modular typeface that I stumbled across while doing research for our next Typography project. I think this one caught my attention because the bright blue obviously jumps out at you, but the type fits a grid but is not so strict. The slight curves in certain letters (v, a, b) create dynamism but overall are unified as an alphabet. The negative space in these letters also helps to create the individual letterforms – if they were all filled in it would not be as interesting. Also, what I think makes this attractive is that certain letterforms are missing that we are used to – such as the middle leg in the lowercase ‘m’, the bar in the ‘f’, etc. It is still legible, but is a variation on our typical alphabet, which makes it very unique.

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1 Nov 2012

Beautiful Typography

I really enjoy embellished fonts like this. I love all of the tiny details, it’s so amazing and interesting to look at. This is very classical and traditional looking, probably appealing to an older or more sophisticated crowd. The pure black and gold also emphasize the sophisticated-ness of the wine.

25 Oct 2012

News Type

I really love this design because it’s reminiscent of a Newspaper yet also has strong Typographical Elements in it with the huge letterforms that take up the design. I would assume this might be information about the typeface because the large letters spell out ‘Times Roman’, and therefore I assume that that’s the font being used. It has a very clean, and professional look to it since the smaller type fill in the letterforms and negative space. It’s very broken up but your eye and brain put it together so it’s very dynamic and interesting. There is clear hierarchy with the type and it’s black and white simplicity adds to the news-like feel.

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25 Oct 2012

Cool Ligature

This is a really cool ligature that I stumbled upon. The ear (?) of the lowercase ‘r’ becomes the top serif on the lowercase ‘s’, yet it looks believable even though the serif on the ‘s’ should look more like the serif on the bottom. I think this is a great example of a ligature and also helps me understand ligatures a little more because I never really knew what they were or what they were used for.

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25 Oct 2012

Ampersand Variations

This is a really cool poster I found online of different ampersands, all at the same point size. What’s interesting to me is that very few of them actually look like an ‘e’ & ‘t’ combined. I’m curious to know how our modern recognization of ampersands became so abstract, or differentiated from what it originally is supposed to portray. What’s also interesting is that the fancier typefaces’ ampersands look more like an ‘e’ & ‘t’ combined than the more casual or playful typefaces. Most of these I can’t even tell that there are supposed to be two letterforms in the design, so I wonder what made that happen? Overall, it’s still a very cool symbol and interesting to look at and try to dissect.

16 Oct 2012

Very Cool Typography

I noticed this somewhere a long time ago and recently found it again.

I like this because althought there is a lot going on and all the type/letters seem to be going different directions, they all interact with each other and are legible! “Art is breaking the rules”

I think it’s genius how the letter ‘u’ isn’t even fully there (or the ‘s’ really) yet your brain still tells you what it is. Also, the simplicity of it being just black and white creates a great contrast.

5 Sep 2012

G characteristics

4 G’s…. same letter, different looks.


Typeface 1 is very complex, with multiple curves that have sharp curved edges. The thickness of the letter varies throughout and creates a very dynamic negative space. The bottom of the G is connected. Garamond.

Typeface 2 is similar to Typeface 1, except the edges are not as sharp; they are all very smooth curves. The thickness of the letter also varies throughout and creates an interesting negative space. Baskerville.

Typeface 1 & 2 are both serif typefaces.

Typeface 3 & 4 are both sans serif typefaces. They are extremely similar.

Typeface 3 is Helvetica and Typeface 4 is Universe.

Typeface 3 seems slightly wider than Typeface 4. The line is also slightly thinner than Typeface 4.


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4 Sep 2012