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G characteristics

4 G’s…. same letter, different looks.


Typeface 1 is very complex, with multiple curves that have sharp curved edges. The thickness of the letter varies throughout and creates a very dynamic negative space. The bottom of the G is connected. Garamond.

Typeface 2 is similar to Typeface 1, except the edges are not as sharp; they are all very smooth curves. The thickness of the letter also varies throughout and creates an interesting negative space. Baskerville.

Typeface 1 & 2 are both serif typefaces.

Typeface 3 & 4 are both sans serif typefaces. They are extremely similar.

Typeface 3 is Helvetica and Typeface 4 is Universe.

Typeface 3 seems slightly wider than Typeface 4. The line is also slightly thinner than Typeface 4.


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4 Sep 2012