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László Moholy-Nagy Photography


László Moholy-Nagy is the individual artist that I have to research. I did a brief look-over of all his artworks that I could find online, and what I thought was really interesting is that majority of his photography is just a photo of everyday activities, and there is nothing really special going on in the photo (or at least it’s not obvious). For example, this is a photo of two people just walking across the street and a guy on a bike riding through the intersection. It is interesting, however, that the lines in this photograph (the direction of the street, the shadows from the lamps, are all kind of laid out geometrically and create a kind of cool composition. This photo is pretty simple, but a lot of his other photographs were very chaotic and had a lot going on all at once so it was hard to see what exactly you should be focusing on…. or maybe that’s the point, is that there really is no focus to his photography? Either way, I’m still deciding if I like it or not 😛

20 Sep 2012