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Spring Break Letter-Pressing

So I had an amazing spring break… one of the things I had the opportunity to do was to go to Signal Return Letter Press in Downtown Detroit and make some postcards… Below are a few of the ones I played around with. I really got a thrill out of doing this all by hand, and it definitely makes you appreciate the craft a lot more since it’s very time-consuming and tedious. I loved making this post cards and I definitely am more interested in hand-setting type and printing things the old-fashioned way! Hopefully I’ll get to go back soon and make some more 🙂



Posted by Amanda Fairchild on March 17, 2013
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  1. 03/18/2013

    amanda, this is awesome, can you please bring at least some of your work in!? is there any other type of documentation of your workshop? i am so glad you did this! lovely ampersand!

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