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Nov 1 / Ashley Ratusznik

To me…..

to me splatters is a mess, it means some sort of material got all over the place. I picture paint or some other type of wet media in a studio splattering when the artist gets frustrated. I can also see water being a good image source of splatters.

things that splatter

  • water
  • paint
  • sugar/flour/baking products
  • eggs
  • any type of drink
  • pie
  • pen ink

to me defamatory is a gossip queen. Someone trying to ruin the reputation of an “enemy” or someone they do not like. This could also be any type of personal information that gets out and is taken in the wrong reference to portray someone as something they are not.

things that can be defamatory

  • magazines
  • ads/billboards
  • tv commericals
  • people/friends/enemies
  • images
  • lies/editing of something real to make it fake

One Comment

  1. Samantha Witte / Nov 8 2012

    I like your ideas of the words! I think we all have an easier word, and a harder word. I think you will have fun depicting a gossip queen though :p

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