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Feb 18 / Ashley Ratusznik

Grids and Armatures

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all of these designs were found at

the first two are grids, the first being a little bit more hard to figure out while the second being completely obvious

the third piece is both armature and grid

Jan 14 / Ashley Ratusznik

Reading for 1/14

architecture- small differences connect to settling of the earth

patterns are rules you have to follow to get to what you want to be defined

system of a pattern forms a language, mathematically has rules for a set of elements/symbols, and a set of rules for combining these symbols

languages such as English, are more complex systems

how a language relates to a pattern or system-words are patterns, sentences are buildings and places


Nov 17 / Ashley Ratusznik

defamatory link


Nov 17 / Ashley Ratusznik

link splatter


Nov 1 / Ashley Ratusznik

To me…..

to me splatters is a mess, it means some sort of material got all over the place. I picture paint or some other type of wet media in a studio splattering when the artist gets frustrated. I can also see water being a good image source of splatters.

things that splatter

  • water
  • paint
  • sugar/flour/baking products
  • eggs
  • any type of drink
  • pie
  • pen ink

to me defamatory is a gossip queen. Someone trying to ruin the reputation of an “enemy” or someone they do not like. This could also be any type of personal information that gets out and is taken in the wrong reference to portray someone as something they are not.

things that can be defamatory

  • magazines
  • ads/billboards
  • tv commericals
  • people/friends/enemies
  • images
  • lies/editing of something real to make it fake
Nov 1 / Ashley Ratusznik

Nov 1 / Ashley Ratusznik


  • containing defamation
  • injurious to reputation 
  • slanderous or libelous 
  • medieval latin
  • hurts someones reputation
  • slanderous
  • defaming or tending to defame
  • false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another
  • “She sued the magazine for defamation of character
Nov 1 / Ashley Ratusznik


Nov 1 / Ashley Ratusznik



  • spatter or splash


  • combo of splash and spatter
  • first known use-1819
  •  I had paint splatter on my jeans.


  • An uneven shape or mess created by something dispersing on impact


Oct 8 / Ashley Ratusznik

type classification

humanist- calligraphy and movement of the hand

transitional/modern- abstract and less organic

SABON- (humanist/oldstyle) tschichold 1966, calligraphy

BASKERVILLE- (transitional) bakersville mid 18th century, sharp serifs, vertical axis, considered shocking when first introduced

BODONI-(modern) bodoni late 18th early 19th, radically abstract, thin straight serifs, vertical axis, sharp contrast of thick/thin strokes

CLARENDON-(egyptian/slab serif) 19th century, used for advertising, bold and decorative, heavy serifs

GILL SANS-(humanist sans serif) gill 1928, common in 20th century, humanist characteristics, calligraphic variations in line weight

HELVETICA-(transitional sans serif) Miedinger 1957, one of the worlds most widely used, uniform character similar to transitional serif letters, also referred to as “anonymous sans serif”

FUTURA-(geometric sans serif) renner 1927, built around geometric forms, O is a perfect circle, peaks of A and M are sharp triangles