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Project 2: Font Mannerisms (Process Work)

I think this project was a prime example of the evolution that occurs during the creative process. I would say the majority of people who are not designers have absolutely no clue the amount of time, effort, revisions, and brainstorming that goes into creating something that may seem simplistic or not time consuming to them. The journey from brain to actual physical product that exists in the world is incredible. I spent alot of time experimenting, checking and re checking a million times, measuring, developing, re working, tweaking, and problem solving. Having a large chunk of time for the project left room to play and try new things which was very helpful in my creative process.


Here are some screenshots and scans of my doodles, sketches, trials and early drafts:


img003img004img005img006img007Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.25.18Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.28.41Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.29.45Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.30.22

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2 Oct 2014

Project 2: Font Mannerisms (Reflection)

My overall response to Project 2 is a very positive one. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and particularly liked how all of the steps were broken down in a neat and organized manor. I feel as though I learned an immense amount during the entirety of this project. It was very useful to put into action different elements that we have discussed as being key components to typography and type analysis. For example, I had struggled a little bit with understanding the different “lines” (ex: base line, x height, cap height) but feel that as this project progressed, I grasped the concept much better because I was being made to have a hands-on approach with it. I think this project was a true embodiment of what this class is supposed to be teaching us. We had to take into consideration many different aspects that will be used forever as we grow as designers: layout, cohesiveness, attention to detail, making executive design decisions. I also appreciate the fact that the time frame of this project was a lot more organized than in Project 1. I feel that I had alot more freedom to make important decisions and refine my work because of the length of the period of time we had to work on it. I really did enjoy myself and have fun working on this project, and I hope I enjoy all future projects in this class just as much!

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2 Oct 2014

Project 2: Font Mannerisms

The basis of Project 2 was to be assigned a font and analyze it’s members from various angles. The font I was assigned was Bodoni STD, and the family members I chose to compare and contrast were roman, italic, bold, and poster.

The project contained numerous steps, and at the end we were asked to create an 11×17 book with all of the pages we came up with. The different steps to the project were:

  • Pt 1.1: Font Family Display A. Create the whole alphabet for each one of your different family members and set guides for cap height, ascender, x height, baseline, and descender.
  • Pt. 1.2: Font Family Display B. Decide upon 8 descriptive words for your typeface and show the words in various point sizes and in the style of each of your family members.
  • Pt. 2.1: Visual Analysis. Using your 4 different family members, create 4 different compositions documenting different comparisons within your font family. Examples could be: terminal, x height, counter, serifs, ect.
  • Pt. 2.2: Visual Analysis Continued. Using two of your chosen words, highlight various parts of the anatomy.
  • Pt. 3: Expressive Compositions. Selecting two of the words from Part 1, brainstorm a list of connotations for each word.. Then create visual compositions for each word that expresses the connotations of the word.


Here are the different pages to my book in order:

Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17(2)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.18(2)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.44.23Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17(3)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.51.37Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.18Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.51.32Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17(4)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.55.37Screenshot 2014-10-02 08.05.01Screenshot 2014-10-02 08.25.21



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2 Oct 2014