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Project 4: Blog Book (Process)

The final project we were required to submit for Typography 1 was a ” blog book”. The book was meant to contain all of the blog posts we had compiled during the course of the semester. These posts embodied our experiences during our time in the class, including the process of creating each project, activities done in class, and even our favorite fonts.

Through this book project, we were allowed to decide ourselves what content to include, how many chapters we wanted to have, what order to lay out the information in, and much more. We were free to decide what look we wanted our book to have as far as layout and font choice


Above: working on my blog book

The first step to creating our book was to conduct a typographic study on potential fonts to have the book’s type set in. This step would help us compare different type faces and determine which ones would work best together. Here are a few screenshots of my comparative type study:

Screenshot 2014-12-07 13.31.15 Screenshot 2014-12-07 17.07.02Screenshot 2014-12-07 17.15.41

I came to the conclusion that the following fonts would be appropriate for:

Headers: Franklin Gothic Medium (All Caps)

Body Text: Georgia

Subheads: Franklin Gothic Medium (Italic)

Photo Captions: Georgia (Italic)

The next step was then to set up a 5-column grid in InDesign and begin laying in all of my gathered content. Professor Dan stressed the importance of using a grid to guide all of our content into a reader-friendly arrangement. He explained that although a grid may seem confining, it is actually the opposite, as the grid makes it alot easier to cleanly and professionally arrange alot of information.

Below: Professor Dan illustrates the importance of setting up and underlying grid & explains what gutters are;

Browsing through books in the OpenLab in order to gain ideas and inspiration on how to lay out my book



Once the grid was established, I began to play around with arranging my photos and bodies of text:




pics of assembling book, screenshots of indesign layout

Posted by Ciara Diamond on November 20, 2014

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