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Project 2: Font Mannerisms

The basis of Project 2 was to be assigned a font and analyze it’s members from various angles. The font I was assigned was Bodoni STD, and the family members I chose to compare and contrast were roman, italic, bold, and poster.

The project contained numerous steps, and at the end we were asked to create an 11×17 book with all of the pages we came up with. The different steps to the project were:

  • Pt 1.1: Font Family Display A. Create the whole alphabet for each one of your different family members and set guides for cap height, ascender, x height, baseline, and descender.
  • Pt. 1.2: Font Family Display B. Decide upon 8 descriptive words for your typeface and show the words in various point sizes and in the style of each of your family members.
  • Pt. 2.1: Visual Analysis. Using your 4 different family members, create 4 different compositions documenting different comparisons within your font family. Examples could be: terminal, x height, counter, serifs, ect.
  • Pt. 2.2: Visual Analysis Continued. Using two of your chosen words, highlight various parts of the anatomy.
  • Pt. 3: Expressive Compositions. Selecting two of the words from Part 1, brainstorm a list of connotations for each word.. Then create visual compositions for each word that expresses the connotations of the word.


Here are the different pages to my book in order:

Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17(2)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.18(2)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.44.23Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17(3)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.51.37Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.18Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.51.32Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.45.17(4)Screenshot 2014-10-02 07.55.37Screenshot 2014-10-02 08.05.01Screenshot 2014-10-02 08.25.21



Posted by Ciara Diamond on October 2, 2014

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