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Project 2: Font Mannerisms (Process Work)

I think this project was a prime example of the evolution that occurs during the creative process. I would say the majority of people who are not designers have absolutely no clue the amount of time, effort, revisions, and brainstorming that goes into creating something that may seem simplistic or not time consuming to them. The journey from brain to actual physical product that exists in the world is incredible. I spent alot of time experimenting, checking and re checking a million times, measuring, developing, re working, tweaking, and problem solving. Having a large chunk of time for the project left room to play and try new things which was very helpful in my creative process.


Here are some screenshots and scans of my doodles, sketches, trials and early drafts:


img003img004img005img006img007Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.25.18Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.28.41Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.29.45Screenshot 2014-10-03 08.30.22

Posted by Ciara Diamond on October 2, 2014

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