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Side Project: The “G” Study

The G Study assignment was to analyze 3 given lowercase g’s and determine the factors that made them different from one another. From an initial glance, the three g’s were virtually identical, but upon further investigation and using a designer’s eye, the details and differences began to emerge. Here is a photo of the three g’s side by side:

g study


My initial breakdown of the differences of these three g’s are as follows.

g studynew


From the discussion of the exercise in class, we learned:

  • The three fonts used were Helvetica Neue, Ariel, and Univers.
  • The G is a good letter to analyze when deciding on what typeface to use, for it contains subtle differences that you would not get in other letter forms while looking at various typefaces.
Posted by Ciara Diamond on September 16, 2014

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