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Project 1: Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow (Sept. 11, 2014) Project 1: Scavenger Hunt is due. This project required each student along with our group members to create “a formally cohesive alphabet”. This meant going out into the world and “collecting” ( or capturing with your camera) letters A-Z of the alphabet along with these symbols:  (!?$*). The “letters” needed to not already exist (for example, you could not photograph the letter B printed on a billboard and use it). The style group you were assigned to also added some further constraints, as your letters needed to fall under your category.

My group consisted of myself, Joe Martinez, Mariam Dakroub, and MaNazah Chandler. We were assigned to the style group “Minimal”. Upon discussion, we decided the word minimal meant:

  • As simple as possible
  • Clean
  • Basic
  • Stripped to the essentials
  • Orderly

We also decided that in order to stick with our style group, it would be best to have our final images be black and white, and to focus on finding things that looked like uppercase letters rather than lowercase. We also decided to split the letters and characters amongst the 4 of us rather then have all of us try to find every letter. MaNazah and myself were assigned letters N-Z and the characters ?*, while Mariam and Joe took A-M and $! . Here are a few of the photos I took:


I really had to think creatively, as some letters were much easier to find than others. I found multiples of some, but others I could not find. I had a difficult time discovering R, N and Z.

When our group met next, we reviewed all of the photos we had. Since we divided the alphabet and more than one person was assigned a set of letters, we had multiples for almost every letter. We went through the photos letter by letter and chose which one we thought was the best for our final alphabet based off of our definition of “Minimal”. We also discussed which ones needed to be cropped, further edited, or retaken all together.


*Photo credit: MaNazah Chandler. Our group reviewing and eliminating photos in preparation for the final critique.

We as a group decided we wanted to name our font something that incorporated minimal, as well as the overall look our photos seemed to have: industrialized. We ultimately chose to name our font Cimple City; a collaboration by MaNazah and myself. It combines a play on “simple” (minimal) and “city” (industrialized; pays homage to where alot of our photos were taken).

Overall, I think this project was alot more of a challenge than I had initially anticipated. Having a style added alot more of a constraint to what you could and could not use; you had to think outside of the box to find the letters, but were also put into a box by your group’s assigned style. I think it was a great learning experience!




Posted by Ciara Diamond on September 10, 2014

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