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Side Project: My favorite fonts

Some of my favorite fonts:



Bebas Neue: Very well could be my most favorite font of all time; a design staple in my opinion.


Coneria Script Demo: Just a beautiful and clean looking script, I particularly like how the letters vary in thickness at certain points.



-Feast of Flesh: A font that is great if you need to make a bold statement. I’ve used this on quite a few T-shirt designs.



Neou Thin: Super versatile, another design staple! A must have. A great thin font to have.



Wolf in the City: Where do I begin… how can you not love this font. I feel like my eyes turn into hearts when I look at it. 🙂 Reminds me of a hand-crafted retro script, but still somehow feels modern. Very well could be considered one of my all time favorites.




Tamoro Script: I like this one because when I was trying to create my personal logo, I wanted to use a font that closely resembled my signature. Airy and light, this font fit perfectly. I feel it’s a pretty unique looking script due to how the letters are spaced which I also enjoy.

Posted by Ciara Diamond on September 5, 2014

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