Breakup Bop’s

Breaking up sucks. I think it is safe to say while you are in your twenties you try figure out who you are. These are the years where you search for stability and your place in the world. Finding a balance between school, work, social life, and love is not an easy task. A lot of people will be put in your life, if you pay attention you will learn from them.

But this post is not really going to talk about my failed relationships, or to spill any tea about any ex’s. I want to talk about all of the bad habits that I broke up with.

 The biggest habit that I changed was in my physical health. It was super hard at first, but I tried to replace unhealthy habits with better habits.  I started to run every day in hopes that it would be the best replacement for negative habits. At first, I hated running and it was kind of hard to make myself do it, but now it’s one of my favorite work outs. I ran my first 5k this year; I finished on average with 9 minute miles. I was really proud of myself to accomplish that change.

Another habit that I found difficult to stop was the way that I thought about things. For a long time, I would watch sad shows, movies, and read depressing books, and down music. I thought that being able to relate to it would comfort me, it just made me feel sadder. I often felt like I was soaking up all the negativity. So, I deleated every song on my phone and signed out of Amazon Prime, YouTube and Netflix (the most difficult thing to let go of was the show Shameless). I deleted the social media apps off my phone. My plan was to give myself a detox from all the negativity that I created in my head. Now I have a better balance with what I am putting into my mind. I limit the amount of time I spend on apps and consuming media.

The last change that I made in the last year was to shift who I spend my time with; I should start this by saying I have the best mother on the planet and she has showered me with unconditional love my whole life. She has been right about 99% of the things she warns me about, and that is is always true. She has been the biggest blessing and I’m really fortunate to have her.  My group of friends is a lot smaller and I am closer now than I have ever been with them. My closest friends are the best friends that I have ever had. I am super thankful for them.

 With that being said here is a list of some of my favorite breakup bops:

How I start every semester

How I start every semester:

 When I first started at Wayne state I had a lot of anxiety about starting each semester. I was always worried that I wouldn’t be prepared, that I wouldn’t have the right supplies, I wouldn’t be able to find a place to park, or what building my class would be in. With all of these worries in mind, I started to problem solve and figure out the steps I needed to take to start the semester being productive and confident.

The first thing I do is get myself a planner. I set up the full semester before school starts and make sure I write down all of the days that the university is closed. I try to make sure that I set this up with my work schedule and with any big events that I already have planned. Along with my everyday planner, I also use google calendar. This is a free tool that will send reminders to your phone or laptop. I like this a lot because it also has a section for reminders and it is supper helpful once classes start to be able to know when assignments are due.

Not every class will have a list of the books that are required, but if the list is available I like to get them before classes start. I check different sites like Amazon, campus book rentals, and Chegg. After comparing prices, I always check Wayne States book store as well to make sure that I am getting the best price.

This year Wayne State changed the way students check grades, we went from blackboard to canvas. Last year they started to have some of the classes use canvas which was a good way to transition. It is a pretty user-friendly and uploading was a breeze. I like to check Canvas to see if the syllabus is uploaded, this often will have contact information for the professor as well. Canvas also has a resources link that can be supper helpful for assignments in the course.

I am in my last year of undergrad at Wayne, so finding my classes is not one of my biggest worries anymore. I remember my first semester I was terrified that I would not be able to find anything. Wayne State is a big campus so when I first came to school here I went on a mini tour with a few friends and we all found the rooms that our classes would be in. It is also nice to walk around campus a few days before classes start to see where everything is. I am a big coffee drinker, so I wanted to scope out where the coffee shops by campus are.

Sleep schedule is a huge thing for me. During the summer my hours at work give me some flexibility to be able to stay up later. A week or so before school starts I like to start to get body and mind back in the right routine for when classes start. On my phone there is a bed time alarm that you can set, this will tell you that it’s time to get some rest and is a good reminder to go to sleep.

There are some really great clubs and organizations at Wayne State. I personally waited until I was in my second year at Wayne to get involved, but I regret it because getting involved made me love the school so much more. I highly recommend just checking out  to see if you are interested in anything. WSU also host festifall in the being over the fall semester where all of the organizations are in the Gullan mall, and you can get information about each group.

I am dyslexic, and I go to the Student disabilities Services every year before school starts to get my letters of accommodation. These help to get before school starts because it’s nice to have your teachers be aware of the accommodations you need. For me I take my classes in a different location so giving my professor a heads up is always a good thing to do. The Student disabilities Services will also give you the books you buy on tape witch really helps me with understanding the material. If you think that you qualify for any special accommodations it is a good idea to go speak with the SDS.

Being a commuter and I am at Wayne five days out of the week. I also work at Wayne so having a parking pass is nice because you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket. For me the pass makes the most sense, but if you don’t want to buy the pass you can just do one day parking in the structures as well.

Every year my study spot changes. I think it changes because the locations of my classes changes, also the course content changes, and I change every year. Wayne State is in the coolest location because two minutes off campus you have the Detroit public library and you also have the Detroit Institute of Art. I love both of these study spots, but I also really like the Under Graduate Library, and Kresge Library. If you don’t like these the Q line runs through campus and you can take it down town where there is a ton of cute coffee shops.

School supplies for college is a bit different then in high school. Being a graphic design student, I have to have a good computer and adobe suites, along with drawing supplies and folders to stay organized. I like to make sure that I am supper organized to start the semester because I am more likely to stay organized thought the semester.

I hope these help before you start your semester!


What I learned from traveling

What I learned from traveling

I got the opportunity to travel to Europe this summer with my mother, her high school best friend Andrea, and Andrea’s daughter Lily. We set out for a vacation for two weeks, with the end goal of leaving Lily in Paris for a semester abroad.

Traveling with this group of women taught me a lot  about who I want to be and what I want to do. I am so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to  go with Andrea who knew my mom since she was 15. She told me so many stories about my mom that I never knew.  My mom doesn’t have a lot of family so getting to know someone who knew my grandparents felt really special. Lily was the best travel buddy anyone could have, she was always ready for the next adventure and was super flexible with plans. Getting to travel with her made us great friends and I cannot wait until we get to go on our next adventure. Traveling with my mom was something that was so special to me. My mom got diagnosed with Laryngeal cancer my second year at Wayne State. Luckily they caught the tumor in time and was able to treat it. When I first found out she was ill we became very close. After such a serious health scare getting to go on this trip with my mom was so significant. I can’t wait to see more of the world with her.


Before we got to Paris we went to Italy, first flying into Rome. After we spent a few days in Rome, we went to Florence, after Florence we went to Cinque Terre. Then we left Italy and went to France to leave Lily in Paris. We spent the days adventuring and exploring the cities and the nights eating big dinners, drinking wine, and talking.

We walked thousands steps each day. One day we got to 28,000 steps. We got up every day around 8 and didn’t go to bed until 12. It was really unreal to see so much in such a short amount of time.

My favorite thing that we saw was in Rome when we went to the Vatican. In the Vatican there is a huge amount of art that was commissioned by the Catholic church. There was art work from Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Caravaggio. My favorite artist of all times is Michelangelo. Seeing the Sistine Chapel was like a dream. I cried for the first ten minutes that I entered the Chapel. I felt so moved by his work, it was a surreal experience. Seeing the masterpiece of Michelangelo, that took him four years to paint, was the most impactful art that I have ever seen. I had studied Renaissance art for two years at Wayne State.   Getting to see it in person was more amazing than I ever imaged. We had a private !+tour through the Vatican, and after we left the Sistine chapel the tour guide told me that after seeing the work of Michelangelo, that I would truly only love three men in my life… God, my father, and Michelangelo. With this new experience of seeing some of the best art in the world I knew that I wanted to learn more about museum curating and find a way to apply my art history minor.

I fell so deeply in love with Rome, once we went to Florence I didn’t think that it could even compare to the experience I had in the Vatican. But the first night we got there we decided to go on a wine tasting. This was something I have never done, even in the US. I didn’t know very much about wine but I was eager to go and see the country side of San Gimignano. The wine tour we went on was with a small group of about 20 people from all over the world. It was some of the best wine and food that I have ever tasted. The family that opened the winery was so welcoming and kind. I am a vegetarian and they made me a special meat free meal. They talked to us for hours and showed us their home. Seeing the country side in Italy was the most relaxed I think I have ever been in my whole life.

After we spent a few more days in Florence we went to Cinque Terre this is a cliff side that is apart of the Italian Riviera. This was a small community of 1563 residents. It is known for the pesto and lemon trees. We spent three days laying in the sun, paddle boarding, and swimming. It was such a unique; it was a really cool place to stay in an Air BnB because most of the tourist just would come for the day, once all the trains stopped running we got to see what the real night life of the village. The best food that I ate was Pesto on Focaccia bread, it was amazing and I think I could eat it every day.

Our next and last stop was in Paris. It was a bit of a hectic travel day to get back to Florence to fly out to Paris. We took a few trains and then flew with all of our luggage, but by this time on our adventure we had gotten pretty good at figuring out the transportation. Once we got to Paris, it was a whole different vibe then Italy. It felt like I was in New York or in LA. It was defiantly a big city feel. There were shops, restaurants, and monuments everywhere. My Favorite thing that we did was a day trip to Claude Monet’s home. It was in the countryside of Paris. His gardens were magical. It felt like we were in his paintings. Monet’s home was simple and pretty small. There was arches of flowers and inside his home t were paintings that covered every wall. I really enjoyed his home and the way he lived. It felt like a completely different place than the city.

After going on this trip I came back with more confidence, a greater love for art, a need to travel more, and a whole new appreciation for my mom. Traveling and experiencing new things truly brought me to think about things in my everyday life in a different way; I saw how much life has to offer, and how much left there is for me to see. Before I went on this trip I had really been struggling with anxiety, I still struggle with it, but It is a lot easier now to remind myself that whatever I am feeling anxious about, it is not going to be the end of the world; it can’t be when I haven’t even seen the whole world. I am so thankful for this experience and I will cherish it forever. I hope to continue to travel and to continue to grow.

Ways to cut down waste.

These are some easy ways to cut back on waste!

I am a big fan of finding easy solutions to managing waste. All of the suggestions above, I have implemented into my life. There are some on this list that were supper easy switches, like exchanging a plastic water bottle for a reusable water bottle. I found some shocking statistics that shed some light onto how many plastic water bottles alone are in landfills. Last year alone, the average Us citizen used 167 disposable water bottles, and only recycled 38 of those. That means 38 billion water bottles, more than $1 billion worth of plastic, are wasted each year.

I stopped using straws completely at restaurants, it is easy to just say no to a straw when it is being offered with your drink, this will also help you drink slower! Check the link out to see how straws are really effecting the environment and how you can help change it!
straw vid!

I am a big fan of Lush products. Recently I have changed from using traditional shampoo and conditioner to bar hair wash. It took my hair about a week to get use to this change. After using the bar soap for a little over month I have found that my hair has gotten curler and last between washes longer. I really love this product, and it is relatively inexpensive. The bar soap works great for traveling as well, you don’t have to worry about the oz. limit.
bar soap

Below are some links to really cute shopping bags alternative’s that I found

shopping bag!
shopping bag!
shopping bag

A change that I didn’t really think about until doing more research was on plastic lighters. I Always have candles in my room, and I would just get a cheap plastic lighter at the gas station, I found out that 1.5 billion lighters are found in landfills every year. A zippo lighter is a metal lighter that is re-fillable. I understand that can be a hassle so if you’re not a zippo fan you can always switch to matches!



Stop using plastic cups, silver wear, and paper plates. We have those at home and packing them in your backpack, purse, or in your car is a quick switch!

Check out the rest of my list for some more ways to cut back on waste! If you have more suggestions on how to help the environment and reduce waste, leave it in the comments!

Happy Friday Friends!


My Favorite Vegetarian Accommodating Restaurants In The Detroit Area / Why I Went Vegetarian! 


My Favorite Vegetarian Accommodating Restaurants In The Detroit / Why I Went Vegetarian! 

I decided to become a vegetarian about a year ago after watching the film What The Health. This film changed the way I looked at the meat industry.

After health complications of my own, I thought that a  change in my diet could help. I have struggled with fainting, migraines, dizziness, unintended weight loss, and lack of  energy. Doctors I worked with worried that this was Addison’s Disease. After the test came back the results came up negative and they were struggling to find out what was wrong with me.

The doctors told me that my hormone levels were still off and they wanted me to start recording all of the food that I was eating and to write down all of the times that I felt dizzy and or fainted. While I recorded all of these things, I also started to change the way I ate.

After 3 months of going vegetarian and trying to cut out as much dairy as I could, I went back to the doctors with a significant change in my health. I have seen significant changes in my mood, my energy levels, and in my productivity. Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions, my Instagram is @artbyabbbt ,

Happy Friday friends,


15 Tips for Balancing Mental Health and School

1. Make your bed every morning.

–     If you can make your bed every morning you have accomplished the first   task of the day, and it will encourage you to do another task.


2. Keep a calendar

–      Stay organized, know your schedule.

–      Wayne State provides students with Microsoft Office, there is a calendar that connects with student email to keep you on schedule.

3. Have gratitude

–       Even when it seems like everything is going wrong, remember to be thankful for the things going right.


4. Be your own advocate

–      Make sure you speak up, and get the extra help.

–      Meet with the SDS and CAPS for accomidations.

5.  Exercise

–     Endorphins will make your mind feel better.

–      It is a good break from homework.

6. Work hard

–     Make sure you put in your best effort.

–     Don’t make excuses, don’t skip class.

7. Get involved

–    Find a group on campus with shared interest.
–     Visit

8. Communicate

–     Talk about what’s going on in your life, don’t let things bottle up.

–    It’s okay to call home and cry about that test.

9.  Fuel your body

–     Eat food that will fuel your brain.

–     Drink water, stay hydrated.

10. Stay balanced

–     Everything in moderation.

–     Make sure you are okay before anything else.

11. Study

–     Even if you think you know the information, studying won’t hurt.

–     Find how you study the best.

12. Be your own biggest fan  –  Treat Yo Self.

–     Regardless of how many people you have on your side, always have
yourself too.

–     Gas (compliment)  yourself up.

13.  Keep the future in mind

–     Graduation isn’t really “forever” away.

–     Know when your exams are, get prepared.

14. Cut toxic relationships

–     If someone in your life is bring you down, you don’t need them in your life.

–     Surround yourself with people you want to be more like.


–      National Institutes of Health found sleep deprived students have lower GPA’s due to the fact that it impacts  memory and concentration.