Ways to cut down waste.

These are some easy ways to cut back on waste!

I am a big fan of finding easy solutions to managing waste. All of the suggestions above, I have implemented into my life. There are some on this list that were supper easy switches, like exchanging a plastic water bottle for a reusable water bottle. I found some shocking statistics that shed some light onto how many plastic water bottles alone are in landfills. Last year alone, the average Us citizen used 167 disposable water bottles, and only recycled 38 of those. That means 38 billion water bottles, more than $1 billion worth of plastic, are wasted each year.

I stopped using straws completely at restaurants, it is easy to just say no to a straw when it is being offered with your drink, this will also help you drink slower! Check the link out to see how straws are really effecting the environment and how you can help change it!
straw vid!

I am a big fan of Lush products. Recently I have changed from using traditional shampoo and conditioner to bar hair wash. It took my hair about a week to get use to this change. After using the bar soap for a little over month I have found that my hair has gotten curler and last between washes longer. I really love this product, and it is relatively inexpensive. The bar soap works great for traveling as well, you don’t have to worry about the oz. limit.
bar soap

Below are some links to really cute shopping bags alternative’s that I found

shopping bag!
shopping bag!
shopping bag

A change that I didn’t really think about until doing more research was on plastic lighters. I Always have candles in my room, and I would just get a cheap plastic lighter at the gas station, I found out that 1.5 billion lighters are found in landfills every year. A zippo lighter is a metal lighter that is re-fillable. I understand that can be a hassle so if you’re not a zippo fan you can always switch to matches!



Stop using plastic cups, silver wear, and paper plates. We have those at home and packing them in your backpack, purse, or in your car is a quick switch!

Check out the rest of my list for some more ways to cut back on waste! If you have more suggestions on how to help the environment and reduce waste, leave it in the comments!

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My Favorite Vegetarian Accommodating Restaurants In The Detroit Area / Why I Went Vegetarian! 


My Favorite Vegetarian Accommodating Restaurants In The Detroit / Why I Went Vegetarian! 

I decided to become a vegetarian about a year ago after watching the film What The Health. This film changed the way I looked at the meat industry.

After health complications of my own, I thought that a  change in my diet could help. I have struggled with fainting, migraines, dizziness, unintended weight loss, and lack of  energy. Doctors I worked with worried that this was Addison’s Disease. After the test came back the results came up negative and they were struggling to find out what was wrong with me.

The doctors told me that my hormone levels were still off and they wanted me to start recording all of the food that I was eating and to write down all of the times that I felt dizzy and or fainted. While I recorded all of these things, I also started to change the way I ate.

After 3 months of going vegetarian and trying to cut out as much dairy as I could, I went back to the doctors with a significant change in my health. I have seen significant changes in my mood, my energy levels, and in my productivity. Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions, my Instagram is @artbyabbbt ,

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15 Tips for Balancing Mental Health and School

1. Make your bed every morning.

–     If you can make your bed every morning you have accomplished the first   task of the day, and it will encourage you to do another task.

–      https://youtu.be/U6OoCaGsz94.

2. Keep a calendar

–      Stay organized, know your schedule.

–      Wayne State provides students with Microsoft Office, there is a calendar that connects with student email to keep you on schedule.

3. Have gratitude

–       Even when it seems like everything is going wrong, remember to be thankful for the things going right.

–       http://www.thehappymovie.com.

4. Be your own advocate

–      Make sure you speak up, and get the extra help.

–      Meet with the SDS and CAPS for accomidations.



5.  Exercise

–     Endorphins will make your mind feel better.

–      It is a good break from homework.

6. Work hard

–     Make sure you put in your best effort.

–     Don’t make excuses, don’t skip class.

7. Get involved

–    Find a group on campus with shared interest.
–     Visit getinvolved.wayne.edu.

8. Communicate

–     Talk about what’s going on in your life, don’t let things bottle up.

–    It’s okay to call home and cry about that test.

9.  Fuel your body

–     Eat food that will fuel your brain.

–     Drink water, stay hydrated.

10. Stay balanced

–     Everything in moderation.

–     Make sure you are okay before anything else.

11. Study

–     Even if you think you know the information, studying won’t hurt.

–     Find how you study the best.

12. Be your own biggest fan  –  Treat Yo Self.

–     Regardless of how many people you have on your side, always have
yourself too.

–     Gas (compliment)  yourself up.

13.  Keep the future in mind

–     Graduation isn’t really “forever” away.

–     Know when your exams are, get prepared.

14. Cut toxic relationships

–     If someone in your life is bring you down, you don’t need them in your life.

–     Surround yourself with people you want to be more like.


–      National Institutes of Health found sleep deprived students have lower GPA’s due to the fact that it impacts  memory and concentration.