Breakup Bop’s

Breaking up sucks. I think it is safe to say while you are in your twenties you try figure out who you are. These are the years where you search for stability and your place in the world. Finding a balance between school, work, social life, and love is not an easy task. A lot of people will be put in your life, if you pay attention you will learn from them.

But this post is not really going to talk about my failed relationships, or to spill any tea about any ex’s. I want to talk about all of the bad habits that I broke up with.

 The biggest habit that I changed was in my physical health. It was super hard at first, but I tried to replace unhealthy habits with better habits.  I started to run every day in hopes that it would be the best replacement for negative habits. At first, I hated running and it was kind of hard to make myself do it, but now it’s one of my favorite work outs. I ran my first 5k this year; I finished on average with 9 minute miles. I was really proud of myself to accomplish that change.

Another habit that I found difficult to stop was the way that I thought about things. For a long time, I would watch sad shows, movies, and read depressing books, and down music. I thought that being able to relate to it would comfort me, it just made me feel sadder. I often felt like I was soaking up all the negativity. So, I deleated every song on my phone and signed out of Amazon Prime, YouTube and Netflix (the most difficult thing to let go of was the show Shameless). I deleted the social media apps off my phone. My plan was to give myself a detox from all the negativity that I created in my head. Now I have a better balance with what I am putting into my mind. I limit the amount of time I spend on apps and consuming media.

The last change that I made in the last year was to shift who I spend my time with; I should start this by saying I have the best mother on the planet and she has showered me with unconditional love my whole life. She has been right about 99% of the things she warns me about, and that is is always true. She has been the biggest blessing and I’m really fortunate to have her.  My group of friends is a lot smaller and I am closer now than I have ever been with them. My closest friends are the best friends that I have ever had. I am super thankful for them.

 With that being said here is a list of some of my favorite breakup bops: