How I start every semester

How I start every semester:

 When I first started at Wayne state I had a lot of anxiety about starting each semester. I was always worried that I wouldn’t be prepared, that I wouldn’t have the right supplies, I wouldn’t be able to find a place to park, or what building my class would be in. With all of these worries in mind, I started to problem solve and figure out the steps I needed to take to start the semester being productive and confident.

The first thing I do is get myself a planner. I set up the full semester before school starts and make sure I write down all of the days that the university is closed. I try to make sure that I set this up with my work schedule and with any big events that I already have planned. Along with my everyday planner, I also use google calendar. This is a free tool that will send reminders to your phone or laptop. I like this a lot because it also has a section for reminders and it is supper helpful once classes start to be able to know when assignments are due.

Not every class will have a list of the books that are required, but if the list is available I like to get them before classes start. I check different sites like Amazon, campus book rentals, and Chegg. After comparing prices, I always check Wayne States book store as well to make sure that I am getting the best price.

This year Wayne State changed the way students check grades, we went from blackboard to canvas. Last year they started to have some of the classes use canvas which was a good way to transition. It is a pretty user-friendly and uploading was a breeze. I like to check Canvas to see if the syllabus is uploaded, this often will have contact information for the professor as well. Canvas also has a resources link that can be supper helpful for assignments in the course.

I am in my last year of undergrad at Wayne, so finding my classes is not one of my biggest worries anymore. I remember my first semester I was terrified that I would not be able to find anything. Wayne State is a big campus so when I first came to school here I went on a mini tour with a few friends and we all found the rooms that our classes would be in. It is also nice to walk around campus a few days before classes start to see where everything is. I am a big coffee drinker, so I wanted to scope out where the coffee shops by campus are.

Sleep schedule is a huge thing for me. During the summer my hours at work give me some flexibility to be able to stay up later. A week or so before school starts I like to start to get body and mind back in the right routine for when classes start. On my phone there is a bed time alarm that you can set, this will tell you that it’s time to get some rest and is a good reminder to go to sleep.

There are some really great clubs and organizations at Wayne State. I personally waited until I was in my second year at Wayne to get involved, but I regret it because getting involved made me love the school so much more. I highly recommend just checking out  to see if you are interested in anything. WSU also host festifall in the being over the fall semester where all of the organizations are in the Gullan mall, and you can get information about each group.

I am dyslexic, and I go to the Student disabilities Services every year before school starts to get my letters of accommodation. These help to get before school starts because it’s nice to have your teachers be aware of the accommodations you need. For me I take my classes in a different location so giving my professor a heads up is always a good thing to do. The Student disabilities Services will also give you the books you buy on tape witch really helps me with understanding the material. If you think that you qualify for any special accommodations it is a good idea to go speak with the SDS.

Being a commuter and I am at Wayne five days out of the week. I also work at Wayne so having a parking pass is nice because you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket. For me the pass makes the most sense, but if you don’t want to buy the pass you can just do one day parking in the structures as well.

Every year my study spot changes. I think it changes because the locations of my classes changes, also the course content changes, and I change every year. Wayne State is in the coolest location because two minutes off campus you have the Detroit public library and you also have the Detroit Institute of Art. I love both of these study spots, but I also really like the Under Graduate Library, and Kresge Library. If you don’t like these the Q line runs through campus and you can take it down town where there is a ton of cute coffee shops.

School supplies for college is a bit different then in high school. Being a graphic design student, I have to have a good computer and adobe suites, along with drawing supplies and folders to stay organized. I like to make sure that I am supper organized to start the semester because I am more likely to stay organized thought the semester.

I hope these help before you start your semester!