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Feb 8 / Abigail Turner

15 Tips for balancing Mental Health And school


  1. Make your bed every Moring.

–     If you can make your bed every morning you have accomplished the first task of the day, and it will encourage you to do another task.


  1. keep a calendar

–      stay organized, know your schedule.

–      Wayne State provides students with Microsoft office, there is a calendar that connects
with student email.

  1. Have gratitude

–       even when it seems like everything is going wrong, remember to be thankful for the things going right.


  1. be your own Advocate

–      Make sure you do good, speak up and get the extra help.

–      Speak to the SDS, speak to the CAPS

  1. exercise

–     endorphins will make your mind feel better.

–      It is a good break from homework.

  1. work hard

–     Make sure you put in your best effort

–     Don’t make excuses

  1. get involved

–    Find a group on campus with shared interest
–     Visit

  1. communicate

–     Talk about what’s going on in your life, don’t let things bottle up.

–    It’s okay to call home and cry about that test.

9. fule your body

–     Eat food, good food that will fuel your brain.

–     Drink water, stay hydrated.

  1. stay balanced

–     Everything in moderation

–     make sure you are okay before anything else.

  1. Study

–     Even if you think you know the information, studying won’t hurt.

–     Find how you study the best.

  1. Be your own biggest fan – Treat Yo Self.

–     regardless of how many people you have on your side, always have yourself too.

–     Gas yourself up.

  1. Keep the future in mind

–     Graduation isn’t really “forever” away

–     Know when your exams are, get prepared.

  1. cut toxic relationships

–     If someone in your life is bring you down, you don’t need them in your life.

–     surround yourself with people you want to be more like.

  1. SLEEP

–      National Institutes of Health found sleep deprived students have lower GPA’s due to the fact that it impacts               memory and concentration.