Welcome Daniel Greco, Web Communications’ new graphic designer

The last few months we have been looking for a Web graphic designer to fill the spot that our previous graphic designer left. We believe we have found someone who will not only fill the position but bring a unique eye to our future designs.

Welcome Daniel Greco!

Daniel Greco comes to us from Michigan State University and The Awesome Mitten. His background is in graphic design and photography. Daniel’s work at MSU has positioned him to understand how to juggle many audiences within a single identity manual. His work outside the university setting has allowed him to excel at focusing on solving interesting problems through design. He has also been involved with creating mobile experiences that interact with current and prospective higher education students.

We think Daniel is going to make a great addition to the Web Communications department and the university as a whole.

Advancing the Web

Daniel will be working with Rolaine and the other graphic designers in Marketing to continue to evolve the university identity and bring it to life on the Web. Over the next few weeks you will start to see more of his work and more than likely work with him in person. He also will be focusing on bringing our mobile experience in to its second revision with a focus on student recruitment.

Let’s give Daniel a Wayne State welcome!