Redesign: Welcome Back Week


Now that classes are in full steam the new Welcome Back Week Web site is up. Unfortunately I don’t have a screen shot of last year’s site with events or navigation but the main change is the design of the site.

The new site has the week spelled out prominently and large buttons to select each date to view events. This year the content pulls directly from the main university events calendar. In years past we only selected a few events to promote, this year including most all events lets students aware of the large array of events each day.

The site overall is simple and straight to the point. The goal with the new design is to make the visuals more solid and clear compared to last year. For example, the extended ribbon on the headers puts a large emphasis on the page headings and key areas.

View the new site at:

3 Replies to “Redesign: Welcome Back Week”

  1. Love the new Design! – it’s simple, aesthetic and overall great job! The only small complaint that I would have, that there is no “hover” effect, when move your cursor over the navigation, it’s a usability thing and I gues it would be nice if tghere was one – users are used to them šŸ˜‰

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