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Oct 5 / Robert Vrabel

Sprint 3

What we launched this week



Sprint three marked a crucial crossroads in our project. When we started, we were given total freedom to create the best site imaginable. Months of planning and preparation yielded a ton of ideas for everything from small page features to site-specific templates and intricate UX elements. But as we flesh out the work that goes into bringing our grand vision to life, we’ve realized that delivering a complete product that lives up to our original expectations would take more time than we currently have. After a lot of internal communication and consultation with our product owner, we’ve shifted focus to creating a minimum viable product that can be used as a solid foundation and be built upon to meet our original goals.

Moving Forward

In our next build we plan to reevaluate our tasks to align them with the launch of a minimum viable product. As opposed to spending a lot of time on our original design and UX goals, our redefined focus will place a greater emphasis on information architecture, user flow and content.