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Sep 20 / Alexander Bienkowski

Sprints 1 and 2: Seeing the site take shape

It’s the end of our second sprint; we’ve fully embraced agility, and we’re finally starting to see this new site take shape. Our first sprint was as much about getting a feel for our new work processes as it was completing initial tasks to launch a primitive, beta version of the Next

Sprint 1

  • Wireframing the header, footer and navigation
  • Updating our CMS to work with our new template structure
  • Started identifying things under that we need to move out for launching.
  • Gathering content using Google Docs.

At the end of sprint 1, we had a very basic site framework up and running, and even though it was devoid of content, templates and most of the components that make for a good website, it was nice to see some tangible results.


Sprint 2

  • Update the CMS menu area to work with the new add/edit pages area so the navigation can be inputted.
  • Wireframe the breadcrumb view
  • Add the main menu into the CMS
  • Make the navigation actually pull from the CMS so all pages can be navigated.
  • Pick and create a font iconset that we can start to use
  • Add in blank pages for all the pages identified in the lucid chart
  • Migrat content from google docs into our CMS
  • Wireframe the header out more
  • Start creating our initial tests using casperjs
  • Create Proto-Personas based on each main menu area
  • Create the start of a pattern library

In sprint two, our collective focus was more clear and concise. With the updates to our CMS, we were able to start the first iteration of content development. Additional front and back-end components were added, and the site has taken on a more detailed, albeit still very simple, look and functionality.


It’s safe to say we’re starting to hit our stride, and the new agile environment is one of the biggest reasons for that. Every sprint spawns new ideas, new refinements and interesting breakthroughs. Be sure to check out as we move forward and give us your feedback. All forms of constructive criticism are appreciated.