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Jun 14 / Rolaine Dang

“Dont build a wrong usable thing” on the Next

As we individually dig into, I find myself seeking out and gathering a lot of information/research that I hope will help me and the group as a whole in the long run. I came across this video that I want to share with all of you. The idea presented resonates with me in our endeavor in rebuilding As you all know one of our main goal for the Next is to create an “experience” for our users on the web. Watching this video, hit some crucial points that I think would be beneficial for the Next and in supporting our goal.

One point Dr. Eric Schaffer mentioned was to create an ecosystem solution that motivates customers and is easy to understand. In essence, the ecosystem solution would be the Next Our customers are (mainly) our students. Our goal is to make easy to understand and by doing so creating an experience. Dr. Schaffer mentioned that  UX Startegy needs to do two things:

  • determines how to motivate customers to cause a change in their behavior
  • design the cross channels solutions to create a coherent, aligned ecosystem

As a designer, even though we’re still in the content audit phase, it is crucial to keep these points in mind to help shape our decisions of where certain content should be placed. Eventually the design of the site will become a supplement to enhance the experience of the user. After all the true measure of a site’s effectiveness lies in the content.

The one thought that absolutely hit home for me was his last statement “Without motivation and big picture, we are hoping the if we build it, they will come. Hope does not equal strategy.” What a remarkable statement and for me to hear that, is an affirmation that me and the rest of the team are going in the right direction. I take comfort in knowing that there is a reason for my madness when Im at fault at extend what should be a 2 minute conversation to be a 10 minute back and forth dialog of alternative view and exploratory tangents. Creating an ecosystem that motivates behavioral change is a complex task that requires time for analyzation and assessment of data.

I’ve attached the video below for you to check out. I hope you can use Dr. Schaffer’s idea and make beautiful things out of it.


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  1. Jenn Di Sano / Jun 20 2013

    Thanks for all you are doing! I have faith in this team that they will build an amazing “experience”. Good luck on your journey.

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