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Jun 7 / Robert Vrabel

Content Auditing

We’ve been working lately on organizing pages to help us formulate a navigation for the next One of the goals we set for ourselves is to go through every page within the 43 sites we identified and categorize them in a way that would help us create a unified navigation.

The past few mornings I’ve spent some time creating a tool to help us do just that.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.46.25 AM

Since all these sites are in our CMS, it was easy to generate the listing of pages. Clicking a table row reveals the set of checkboxes below. Clicking a checkbox automatically saves/deletes it . I wanted this to be quick and easy to use since we have around 2500 pages to go through.

The most important part of this was identifying what categories we wanted to save for each page. We’ve identified what will most likely be our main navigation (first row) and also provided an audience based navigation (second row). We’ve also identified more specific audiences to narrow it down even further (third row). The last row is used to identify anything special about the page.

So far we’ve gone through about 150 pages together as a team. We felt it crucial that we all had a similar understanding as to how to categorize the pages. We were surprised how different our views were. We’ve all learned a lot from this and are now ready to start tackling these sites on our own so we can speed up the content audit.