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Jun 3 / Alexander Bienkowski

Flowchart Fever: Mind-mapping and the early stages of navigation

It’s the end of week 3, and we’ve taken a strong step toward something tangible. The white board is now full of audience analyses, and we’ve used that information to create a rough outline of the new navigation. Using the MindNode app, we’ve mapped out where the various sites that comprise will fall based on audience (e.g. current students, prospective students, parents, etc.) and overall topic (e.g. academics, financial aid, admissions, campus life).

White Board audience goals

Exploring audience goals


screencapture using Mindnode

Start of information architecture

Visually representing the initial navigation revealed  that our target audiences share many of the same goals. From exploring degree options to understanding the financial aid processes, our task is to find a way to deliver this content to different audiences while maintaining a simple, seamless user experience. Crafting content that applies to multiple personas is key, and avoiding redundancy is equally essential.

Though we continue with the planning and preparation stage, the seeds of something awesome are being sown.

This week’s milestone is for the team to analyze the current 2,700+ pages to see how they fit in the navigation.