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Jul 11 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekend – Detroit through the eyes of…

A DUCK! What? Yeah, so I did this photography project (I know, WSU classes are awesome) and photographed various cool areas of Detroit highlighting the diversity, culture and community feeling¬†of our beautiful city. Hope you enjoy! Ps- If even this little ducky can get out and explore, YOU CAN TOO! Lol ūüôā IMG_0260 IMG_0291Let’s call her… D-Duck (I know pure creativity on my part).IMG_0415¬†She’s ready for some exploring. Like all good Detroiters, D-Duck takes her bike to do her exploring. She takes advantage of the growing biking lanes and if she had more time she would definitely hit up Slow Roll Detroit, Critical Mass¬†and rent a bike for some riverfront riding at Wheelhouse Detroit.

IMG_0424¬†Midtown – First stop for D-Duck was Midtown (Duh). She loved riding past Nest, City Bird, Shinola, Traffic Jam, Motor City Brewery, seeing from afar some¬†hipsters chillin outside the Bronx, leading her to the beautiful¬†West Canfield Historic District¬†and finally past Third Street Saloon¬†/ Dangerously Delicious Pies. She had to go back to visit everything on Willis including Avalon, Goodwells Market¬†and¬†Spiral Collective. This led her to Cass where she passed tonsssss of cool ish including Cass Cafe, Shangri-La, Go Sy Thai, Cass Corridog, Source Booksellers and tons more that she is feeling too overwhelmed to list. She hurried over to Woodward in order to pass quickly by¬†the new dog park on the corner of Cass and Canfield because she is a little afraid. She passed by Great Lakes Coffee, the Majestic Theatre/ Magic Stick/ Garden Bowl, the Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit (side note! She stopped in for a youth poetry slam and was super impressed by the city’s talent.) She made it to¬†main Wayne State campus (of course!) and finally made it over to the gorgeous Detroit Institute of Arts with the stunning main branch of the Detroit Public Library standing tall on the other side.¬†She passed the Detroit Historical Museum, Good Girls Go to Paris, the Peacock Room and tons of more shops (as if she hadn’t already bought enough goodies). She was feeling exhausted already. She thought, “WHAT? People say there isn’t anything here? I would need years to see all these cools places. She loved midtown for it’s art, culture and life. <3 The heart of Detroit!


New Center/ Tech Town – D-Duck made her sweet way all the way down Woodward north to the Boulevard (Grand Blvd). She saw¬†the beautiful Fisher Building which has a theatre and is architecturally¬†stunning. She passed by the Henry Ford Academy for Creative Studies proof that you CAN receive¬†a great education within city limits (think about it people!) She was happy to see TONS of people hanging out at the New Center Park for either a movie night, concert or dance party (or all at once). Either way, she found that this park get’s down. After passing a few big cool lookin hospitals, she made her way to The Motown Museum – Hitsville U.S.A. and was amazed by¬†the history that the city has. Not only is there so much to do, there is a history of art, resilience, struggle and triumph. She loved New Center/ Tech Town for it’s innovative attitude without forgetting their history and of course, the sense of community. She was falling in love with the D!

IMG_0410Corktown ¬†– From New Center, D-Duck took the long journey to Corktown. There she found TONS of outdoor art exhibits, hipsters and urban farms. She loved it too! She couldn’t help but stop at the Corktown kitty monument, made just ‘cuz Detroiters are out here doing cool shtuff. She rode¬†by Nancy Whiskey, Spaulding Court (a beautiful historical building) the old Tigers Stadium (more history!), Detroit Institute of Bagels, Slows Barbecue, Mercury Bar, the Imagination Station (a community take over) and Michigan Central Station¬†(more cool history!) If she had more time she would have stopped at Green Dot Stables cuz she heard their sliders are the junk¬†(and they really are!) She loved Corktown for the history and the community feeling. She saw people hanging out on their stoops, community gardens, tons cyclists¬†and she just kinda felt like it was a place where people knew each other.


Southwest/ Mexican Town – Next stop was the tour guide’s personal favorite (yes, that’s me). Southwest or Mexicantown (what the people who don’t know the area call it) is an area filled with culture, festivals, traditions and community (a common theme in the D). First she drove through the gringo part of Southwest where she found Xolimilcos (a popular place for post Tiger’s game people to go), Evies and La Gloria. She couldn’t possibly name all of the places. She continued down Bagley, cut over to Vernor and passed Cafe con Leche, a very well known place in the area. She stopped¬†in and saw¬†that everyone knew¬†each other, the coffee was¬†delicious, the culture was¬†very evident and¬†she was lucky enough to catch the tail end of an open mic night. It was legit! On her left, she saw Clark Park, a park that is very important to the community (she heard Tigers players make visits sometimes). There, she saw an ice rink for the winter and kids playing futbol, football and baseball. It made her miss her little ducky family who would have loved the place!¬†She continued down Vernor very frequently passing nonprofit organizations reaching out to those in need, taco trucks and bakeries. She finally made it to her guide’s favorite ever restaurant, Mi Pueblo. She had tacos with carne asada and pollo. YUM. She loved Southwest for its culture, community feeling and art.

IMG_0320 Eastern Market – After a little Mi Pueblo snack, D- Duck made the long hike over to the Eastern Market. She waddled around, bought some fresh veggies and saw tons of characters. She loved the Eastern Market for it’s diversity, freshness and openness. It seemed that anyone was willing to talk with her! She also noticed that there were people there from all walks of life, gathering to enjoy the same thing. She loved the environment especially the outdoor music at Bert’s Marketplace and the ice cream at Mootown.



Wayne State – Before heading to her last location, D-Duck admired Wayne State’s beautiful campus silhouette¬†in front of the Detroit sunset. <3 She was officially in love with the city.




Downtown – D-Duck finally made it downtown to the place where most people would visit first (D-Duck is a little weird). She loved the Riverfront, looking at Belle Isle and the Canada side of the River. She found the architecture, the lights and the nightlife just another beautiful aspect of her new favorite city. She also thought Greektown was the ish.






Okay, so I know this post was even cheesier than normal (didn’t think it was possible did you?) but I thought it was a really cool assignment that I did. Made me think – What would happen to Detroit if people¬†came and saw it through this perspective? Simple and pure and without effect from what the media tells us about it? I think things would be a little different. My point is, there is a lot of great things happening here; there is a ton of room for growth, however, focusing on the positive can only be a good thing.

Weekend Event

conertConcert of Colors
ll weekend!
Various locations (DIA, Orchestra Hall, Arab American Museum)

This event is the ish! All around Midtown, there will be awesome concerts highlighting a variety of great music.