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Apr 4 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekends in the D – For the foodies

Because of the warm weather, this weekend is great for exploration (but then again isn’t every weekend?) I’m dedicating this blog to some of my favorite local businesses. Which ones am I missing? TELL ME SO I CAN EXPLORE NEW PLACES TOO 😉

lMi Pueblo
7278 Dix St (Southwest)

All of my friends know that I have to give Mi Pueblo some love. I have to admit, this place prevents me from exploring new places. I love it so much that I don’t want to go anywhere else! Try it and you’ll be addicted too. Totes delish tacos and alll types of Mexican food.


The Hudson Cafe 
1241 Woodward Ave (Downtown)

Pancakes, eggs, and soooo many sandwiches. Perfect for a Sunday Brunch. Ahhh can you picture it? Springtime walk downtown, hit up this delicious restaurant, walk to the river front and breath in the fresh air?  gotta love city living (especially in Detroit) 🙂 ps- Sorry! I just can’t help myself but brag about this place.

1612693_DPs3qTOrrF9IATsEJ2XUpcfBfzFNiwkra_Z29W8XRpIHonest John’s Bar and Grill
488 Selden St (Cass Corridor/ Midtown) 

A friend just introduced me to this a couple weeks ago (holla Bobby!). DELISH. and filled with characters. Go in the bathroom and find awesome graffiti by all the customers (yes, I’m weird for liking this kind of stuff, oh well!)



l-2Sala Thai
3400 Russell St (Eastern Market)

Some say it’s the best thai in  town, you be the judge. As a pad thai fanatic, I do love this place. Plus, the Eastern Market is right there which means businesses on businesses on businesses.



green-dot-stables-2Green Dot Stables
2200 W Lafayette Blvd (Corktown)

TONS of delicious, cheap sliders and a super cool ambience. This is a definite Detroit must.