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Feb 14 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekends – Valentine’s Day edition

I’m going to take this wonderful opportunity to highlight some of my favorite Detroit business places in the area where you can take your Valentine (or your BFF or your mom or the cute neighbor down the hall or YOUR FAVORITE RA). Whoever it may be, show them some love and take them to one of these cool Detroit places.

DS1A0313 Great Lakes Coffee
3965 Woodward Ave. (Walkable!)

Delicious coffee, tea, sweets, wine, and beer (if you’re over 21 that is). But really, who knows what you’ll run into here? One time, I accidentally held a business meeting during live techno music night. Lucky for me, all business people in the area are legit and enjoy a little music too. Anyway, go visit! It’s beautiful.



ls Goodwells Market
418 W. Willis (Walkable!)

I’ll give Goodwells some love because their vegan chili is really legit but what I really wanna do is give this whole street a shout out. Walk down Willis for bread (at Avalon), art (at Spiral Collective), books (at the Spiral Collective extension now across the street on Cass), clothes (at Flo Boutique) and, well, whatever else you may find (if that won’t give you a happy Valentine, I don’t know what will). This is me (again) encouraging you all to EXPLORE!


PEOPLESPeople’s Records
4100 Woodward (walkable!)

I love me some dusty records. Visit and tell me what you think. Maybe you could find some romantic music for the post date party.



HW0_555369Grace Harper Florist
4135 Woodward Ave. (Walkable!)

No Valentine? Well that never stopped me from buying myself beautiful flowers. This place has a huge variety of places to brighten up your room. Trust me, it’s worth the trip. 🙂



lsasdfsafd The Whitney
4421 Woodward Ave.

Soooo I’ve never actually eaten here but I did have enough money to walk in and look at the architecture! (And that was free. LOL) Whether you have the money to eat there, (and if you have enough, message me so I can come with you) or if you don’t, visit the place. It’s very well known and beautiful. Also, supposedly very romantic.