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Feb 6 / Valerie Sobczak

21 Days of TED, Day 2: Passion and LEGO

One reason I love TED is the enormous range of topics presented at the conference. No matter what you like, you’ll find a TED talk to suit your interests. This also means that if you’re presenting a TED talk, you can talk about just about anything, and it will fit the theme of the conference. This lends itself to the extreme passion on display at every TED and TEDx event.

There’s something different about a speaker who is truly passionate about their field and their presentation. Maybe it’s the way their eyes light up, or their enthusiasm, or their excited tone of voice that makes the atmosphere in the room buzz when they speak, infecting the audience with a similar passion. This passion in TED and TEDx attendees is part of what makes each event so exciting for me – every person there has something that they think is the just the absolute coolest thing in the world, and they want to share every part of it with you. That’s exactly what makes me love today’s talk.

Hillel Cooperman loves LEGO. He loves them, and you can tell in his presentation, his energy, his mannerisms, his story, his expressions, and the frenetic way he bounds around the stage. Watch his talk, Legos for grownups (Yes, I know LEGO is pluralized improperly there, it’s their mistake, not mine), and enjoy his passion for LEGO, even if they’re not really your thing. Then, think about what makes you that excited, and take some inspiration from Hillel’s passion and act toward your passion.

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