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Feb 5 / Valerie Sobczak

21 Days of TED, Day 1: I’m going to TEDActive!

Thank goodness you can’t bruise from imaginary pinches. I’ve been pinching myself in my head for a couple of weeks now, and I’m sure the number of imaginary pinches my arms will be enduring over the next month would cause serious damage if I were to actually pinch myself.

I’m pinching myself because I still can’t believe I’ll be attending the TEDActive conference at the end of this month. From watching my first TED talk a couple years ago, to attending and helping organize the TEDxDetroit conference here, attending one of the main, official TED conferences has been a lofty lifetime goal. I didn’t think I would get to actually go until maybe my thirties, and certainly not as a college sophomore, but through some hard work, the generosity of many, the permission of a few, and major budgeting and fundraising, I will be attending my first TEDActive three weeks from today!

TEDActive is the sister conference to the main TED in California. It is hosted at the same time as TED and in a city not too far from Long Beach, the home of TED. TED Activators watch simulcasts of the talks in a more casual and hands-on setting, also attending workshops and events to encourage an even greater exchange of “ideas worth spreading.” I am looking forward not only to watching the talks, which you can often find on their website, but experiencing the entire conference with people who are just as, if not more passionate about sharing knowledge, information, and fun as I am.

For the next three weeks, I will be getting ready for the conference here, sharing updates on my preparation and a TED video each day. Some of the videos are on my list of favorites, some are from the local, independently organized TEDxDetroit, and others are significant talks with big ideas already making an impact on the world. I wish I could take everyone to TEDActive with me, to feel the excitement and experience of the conference, but I can at least prepare for it with you and share my own experience!

Today’s video is a quick and entertaining primer on TED and TEDx. Watch it to learn a little about how TED works, and come back tomorrow for more videos and conference talk!


Bonus video: You can watch a special preview of the TEDActive conference from TED on their website.

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