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Dec 4 / Steven Church

Project 4 Constrained Systems.

I was assigned the words Depreciation and Unmannered. I found the work Depreciation much easier to work with then Unmannered as there was a very strong idea of what depreciation is. I found it much to be like rust that consumes a car usually starting a wheel well then it slowly creeps up and consumes the whole car. So for depreciation I played around a lot with negative and positive space, trying to take out more of each letter with each letter in the word until, almost as the whole word was decaying over time.

For unmannered I really wanted to go with a theme of nature so that would possibly be why I chose using circles instead of squares for this project. I wanted to use a shape that naturally occurred in living things. I found word very hard to create, at first I wanted to make the composition look similar to a decaying city, with lack of ideas on how to accomplish such a think the idea had to be scrapped. So then I began to look more internal then I found another direction, I chose to make the work look more like cells in a living organism. Different sizes and even using both upper case and lower case letters helped me accomplish making unmannered feel unmannered, yet stilling being an unchanging part of nature.