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Project 4 Process Work

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For this project we were given two adjectives and had to create a typeface for the words that were based off of the adjective. We also had to create these typefaces using a grid. The two words that I received were unmannered and depreciate. To start I decided to come up with all of the connotations that went along with each of these words.

Unmannered means to be without manners. To be very crude and honest and forthcoming and to not hide anything. There are no subtitles or refinements… what you see is what you get, whether you like it or not. To get the wheels spinning I turned to what I knew… Architecture. Mies Van Der Rhoe is an architect who’s designs have been described as unmannered, so much so that he has been labeled an unmannered architect. The reason for this is his unwavering use of visible structure. Van Der Rhoe does not hide any of his structural elements and instead uses them as the main aesthetic elements. The result is a very rugged structure composed of concrete and steel with all of the connections and nuts and bolts visible.  So to visualize this in a typeface I wanted to show the bare essence of all of the letters. I wanted to get rid of any refinements or intricacies that can be present in a letterform and just focus on the the aspects that were essential to a letterform being identified. I did this by starting with a rectangle. From there i added and or subtracted necessary elements to help identify the form as a letter. The result was a very brash unrefined letterform.

Depreciate means to lessen in value. It is usually depreciating over a period of time and as a result becomes obsolete and less valuable. An important note, however, is that depreciate means to lessen in value but implies a minimum value. Something cannot depreciate to nothing because at the point the adjective would become disappear and not depreciate. I wanted to focus for the most part on the visual aspect of lessening and as a result developed a letterform that comes to a point in at least one portion of the letter. I also wanted to try and create a typeface that implied a retro feel or an essence of being obsolete or somehow less relevant then it may have use to be.

Posted by Tyler Hardy on March 6, 2013

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