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Apr 2 / Trevor Torres

Defense of Comic Sans

Thought this was interesting


Can’t figure out how to imbed the link, but the video basically goes through the history of comic sans, from its origin and creation, to the current state of comic sans infamy as being one of the worst fonts.

Designed in 1994 by Vincent Connare.  Melinda Gates asked Connare to design a font for a cartoon in a Microsoft program.  Connare created Comic Sans based upon old handwritten comic fonts.  Although never used in the intended program, Comic Sans was put into various other Microsoft programs as a standard font.  It soon became highly accessible.

Comic Sans has been implemented quite often, sometimes in seemingly inappropriate situations.  However, in the video Comics Sans is defended because it may be our own fault that Comic Sans has gained such infamy, not its own fault.

In the video, Comic Sans is said to possibly exist in the typographic “uncanny valley,” the point where robots become too close to humans as to become unsettling or creepy.  In this case, Comic Sans is neither a well crafted, inorganic and precise font, but not quite a natural looking organic font.

Additionally it is mentioned that Comics Sans is potentially useful in situations.


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  1. David Kadavy / Apr 4 2013

    It’s worth noting, also, that when Comic Sans was developed, screens were aliased – like all of the letters were made of legos. So, it makes it extra strange when people print it out…it wasn’t really designed for that.

    More details in this post that’s referenced several times in that video:

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