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Jan 29 / Student Center

The South End is Underway

Over break, the South end of the Student Center closed, beginning its massive overhaul. Peek through the construction fence on the South end, and you will see a crater where the new atrium will be, bringing in more natural light into the new living room of campus. When the expansion and renovation is complete, students will find more meeting rooms loaded with a/v technology, a new convenience and spirit wear store, and the return of many services they have come to depend on.

In the lower level, students will welcome the natural light shining through the new atrium to reveal a completely redesigned space. With more meeting rooms, dance studios, and a redesigned pool and ping pong area, the lower level will be brought to life. Students can also visit the C&IT PC Clinic, the Student Center Administration and SC Graphics in the lower level when it reopens.

On the first floor, a convenience and spirit store will take the place of the former Barnes & Nibble store. In the meantime, Campus Grounds has expanded its offerings to provide more grab and go options. Students will also be glad to see a return of the ATMs in a new banking area. While the renovation continues, please visit the Undergraduate Library, the Bookstore or visit 5057 Woodward to fulfill your banking needs.

The second floor will see a major face lift too! With a new elevator servicing the floor, more meeting rooms and the renovated Hilberry rooms, the second level will be more accommodating to the many needs of students.

The South end of the third floor will reopen welcoming the Dean of Students office to their new home. The Dean of Students office will only be steps away from the Wing, where student org ideas take flight. Student orgs will be close to the resources they need to be successful on campus and in the community.
We are excited about the changes coming this summer when the Student Center re-opens completely. Continue to follow our blog to get progress updates, ask questions and watch the new living room of campus take shape!

Jan 8 / Student Center

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

When the Student Center opens Monday the 12th, student organizations will have new work spaces to help accomplish their goals. While conducting research during the design process, it became apparent to the steering committee that student organizations needed more space to work freely, without having to reserve large rooms in advance. During focus groups, many student org members noted that they take advantage of the small group rooms in the David Adamany Undergraduate Library that were originally designed for group projects. The steering committee took that to heart and designed several open rooms on the 3rd floor that are available on a first come, first served basis. These rooms will loaded with technology, so orgs can just plug in a laptop and get to work!


Jan 7 / Student Center

Technology Packed for Your Entertainment

The Student Center is packing some serious entertainment and multimedia capability throughout the new North End. From interactive signage, digital directories to booming surround sound in the 285 Auditorium where the Wednesday Movie Series runs.  The new ballroom has multiple projectors and screens hung from the ceiling, intelligent dimmable lighting controls and multiple audio zones to accommodate a wide variety of events.  In addition the Student Center has new multimedia gaming pods in the Lower Level and TV lounges throughout the 2nd floor. Student Orgs can now take advantage of the new digital signage, promoting their events across multiple signs.

2nd Floor Lounge

Jan 6 / Student Center

Wayne State Insiders Tour the Student Center

Insiders Tour

In early November, we welcomed 100 Wayne State Insiders to the Student Center for a behind the scenes peek of the renovation. The group received lunch catered by one of our new Student Center food court options, Panda Express, and then heard from members of the steering committee about the detail of the design process and renovation. After lunch and the presentation the group got a hard hat tour of the north end of the building. Now, furniture coming in daily by the truck load and in some areas hard hats are becoming optional! Check out the view from these comfy new chairs on the third floor set to open January 12th.

Check out this view from the 3rd floor looking North to lower levels.

Check out this view from the 3rd floor looking North to lower levels.


Jan 5 / Student Center

Let the countdown begin!

With one week to go, contractors and the Student Center staff are full steam ahead putting the final touches on the new North End of the Student Center. Keep up with us all week as we countdown, highlighting some of the new spaces. Get ready because you aren’t going to believe this is the same Student Center!

Kicking off the countdown, we want to show you a side-by-side before and (almost) after comparison. Throw back to early November with the picture on the top, taken when we gave the campus community a sneak peak during the Wayne State Insiders tour. Below is a photo taken with a week left to go. Pieces are coming together minute by minute as we prepare to the open North End.

"The Pit" Before and almost After

Dec 23 / Student Center

An impressive amount of water!

We have seen some crazy things during the course of the renovation.  Student Center Reservations received a call from someone who was calling to inform us there was an impressive amount of water behind the building. What they didn’t know was that WSU’s fire marshal was testing the new fire suppression system water pumps. The Student Center has a new fire sprinkler system that is capable of putting out some serious water flow! Check out the video we were able to capture of the new standpipe being tested.



Nov 6 / Student Center

Student Organization Collaboration Area

The north end of the 3rd floor will be transformed into a state of the art student organization collaboration area. The Student Senate and Campus Activities Team will have offices located in the space along with a lounge area, a large collaboration room and two smaller collaboration rooms. The two smaller rooms will have collaborative technology where students can plug their laptops in and work on a project together while viewing it on a large screen.


3rd floor collaboration area

3rd floor collaboration area

Oct 16 / Student Center

Construction Update

Over the past few weeks there has been significant progress made on the Student Center. One of the move visible areas of progress is the new staircase that has been installed in the food court area that goes from the second floor all the way to the lower level. This will increase the flow of traffic from all the main areas giving students easy access to the main areas of the Student Center. The new gaming area has also seen progress recently. The lower level will be home to three new gaming stations with localized sound.


Gaming area in the lower level

Gaming area in the lower level

photo 1.aag.10-14-14

New stairwell in the food court area


Sep 30 / Student Center

Adding technology to the Student Center

In addition to the physical changes to the Student Center there is going to be new technology added as well. Touch screen building directories will be available at each entrance for guests to use. There will also be digital directories by the elevator on each floor and campus digital signage throughout the building. The ballroom will feature state of the art technology for our customers needs as well as upgraded technology in all of reservable rooms. Each reservable rooms will also be equipped with a touch screen sign at the door letting all guests know who has that space reserved or if it is available. You can use the touch screen to check in and out of your reserved room or to reserve the room on the spot for a last minute meeting.

For more casual use of the Student Center, outlets and charging stations are being added throughout the building. Wireless internet is also being upgraded to provide the best coverage possible.

Sep 18 / Student Center

Bringing life to the lower level

The lower level of the Student Center was one of the least traveled floors of the building, but with the renovation we are trying to change that. The lower level always had a strong committed group of gaming students who used it as their home base and there was a lot of foot traffic for the late night grille, but with the redesign this will change. There are two departments that are moving their offices to the lower level, we are reinventing the pool and ping pong area, we are adding food concepts and we are putting in a gaming area for our dedicated gaming students. In addition, there will be natural light added to the space on the south end of the building from the new atrium and a new stairwell will provide access to the lower level right from the food court.

Future stairwell from the food court to the lower level

Future stairwell from the food court to the lower level