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Apr 3 / SPA

Index vs. Fund — Who You Got?


When searching for budget information in Banner using the FRIGITD screen, query on the fund number rather than the index. Using the fund number allows users to view an account’s current status and includes cumulative information. If an index is used for a query, the information may not be completely accurate.

For instance, Dr. Smith is transferring from the Department of Chemistry to the Department of Biology. In processing the transfer, SPA changes the Banner attributes of Dr. Smith’s grant, specifically, the department org code. When this change occurs, it is effective on the date of the system change. Querying on the account using the index, only provides information from the effective date forward; using the fund number will provide the entire fund history.  Essentially, any attribute change (org code, program code) that requires a change of effective date on the index would have and effect on the query results in FRIGITD.

It should also be noted that using the grant number as search criteria will populate all funds associated with the grant — including cost-share accounts.  You can view specific funds within a grant by selecting Fund Summary when querying from the grant number.

Remember, using the index for FRIGITD queries can provide inaccurate information, misleading users about account balances. Avoid the confusion and query with the fund number.