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Mar 14 / SPA

I “Except” Your Proposal – Common Hindrances in eProp


At one time or another, we’ve all encountered instances during proposal development where eProp  informs that the proposal cannot be accessed because another administrator is currently using the record or there is a lock on the proposal.

Coeus Web Application


A lock results from having multiple sessions/screens open for one proposal, or from exiting a prior work session improperly. An improperly ended session, will cause Coeus to think that someone still has the record open, and it’s preventing those last updates from being changed by what it perceives as another person.  To properly close a session, a user must log out of eProp rather than merely close the browser window.

The fix for this situation is simple:

  1. Close the proposal window you have open.
  2. Select Current Locks, located on the upper right of your screen.
  3. When the window opens, use the Remove option to delete the lock on the proposal.
  4. Return to My Proposals and select the one you need to work on.

If there are no locks listed in the Current Locks, and you still cannot access or edit your proposal, please contact


The status of the budget has an effect on the editing access on a proposal.  If the budget is in progress or no information is entered, the entire eProp record is open for editing.  Once the budget is marked Final and Complete, editing can not occur unless the aggregator (creator of the proposal) changes the budget status to Incomplete and unchecks the Final box.  Please refer to the chart below for guidance.

Checking the Status of the Narrative and Budget


By default, the proposal rates are monitored and updated as necessary.  Budgets created in eProp are calculated at the current negotiated rate of 52%.  If a different rate is required, the Proposal Rates screen can be accessed for users to adjust rates according to sponsor stipulations.  Users only need to edit the corresponding rate and save the record.

What quirks have you encountered during proposal development in eProp?  Share your experiences.