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Sep 25 / SPA

Credit Split is NOT Indirect Cost Breakdown


FES Section 7 parts A & B

Remember the good old days of the paper Form for External Support or FES (fez!) as it was so lovingly called?  That form had a section dedicated to College/Department/PI indirect cost breakdown that could easily capture distribution information entered into Banner if IDC were split among multiple parties.








eProp Credit Split

The FES is no longer utilized for proposal submission as SPA strictly requires the usage of eProp.  Unfortunately, the current version of eProp does not capture the distribution of indirect costs; however, it does track credit split.  As this is the case, some records either correctly or incorrectly reflect credit split as indirect cost breakdown.  In order to avoid confusion, it is incumbent upon PIs, Department Administrators and SPA Grant & Contract Officers to communicate with each other and verify the actual breakdown of indirect costs to avoid confusion and ensure accurate information is conveyed.